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Sen. Thune's GOP Address: 'Obama Experiment Has Failed'

Photo Courtesy - Thune dot Senate dot gov(WASHINGTON) -- Senator John Thune, R-S.D., Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, Friday emphasized to Americans that the Republican Party is ready to "take this country in a different direction."

In the weekly GOP address, Senator Thune said that "the Obama Experiment has failed," pointing to a nearly 10 percent unemployment rate and rising health care premiums after "the president and his Democrat allies in Congress pushed through their $814 billion stimulus bill," he said.

"One of the Democrats' main responsibilities over the past to years was to improve the economy.  Instead, they decided to try and experiment to grow government, raise taxes and take over health care.  After two years, the American people are left asking, 'Why have the Democrats' priorities been so different from ours?'"  Thune said.

Thune also expressed that in the two years that Democrats have controlled the White House and Congress, they have spent too much time "passing more burdensome regulations, like their so-called Financial Reform bill that failed to address the main cause of our economic mess."

President Obama said Friday in his weekly radio address that repealing the Financial Reform Bill would be a "terrible mistake."

Thune concluded his address on behalf of the Republican Party saying that "a new direction is needed" and that "republicans want to reverse the dangerous course the Democrats have us on."

Just a little more than a week before Election Day, Thune said, "The choice could not be more clear.  Democrats are driving more of the same failed policies they have pushed for the past two years.  Republicans are proposing to take this country in a different direction. ... So I would like to suggest a simple question people should ask themselves to help cut through all the talk:  Are you better off today than you were two years ago?"

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