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Obama Goes on Ryan Seacrest's Radio Show; Talks Votes, Terror

Photo Courtesy - The White House/Pete Souza(WASHINGTON) -- In a radio interview taped Monday from the Oval Office, President Obama appeared Tuesday on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show.  The president’s message was mainly to get out the vote.

“[What] I want everyone to remember is you can’t shape your future if you don’t participate,” Obama said, “You’ve got to get out there and vote.  Young people all across this country are going to make the difference.  Not just now but in the future.”

The president noted that some people “may not be aware that we made big changes over the last two years,” referencing changes to Wall Street reform and education.

“This is such a critical election, because we’re living in a huge moment of change in this country,” Obama said.  “I am optimistic about this country because of young people.  Because of their energy, because of their enthusiasm because of their ideas.  But you know none of that will make a difference if they’re not participating.”

Seacrest also asked the president about some news of the day topics, including if people should be worried about flying, given the terror threat uncovered last week.

“I don’t think people need to be worried about flying per say, we have to remain vigilant because there are people, al Qaeda affiliates, around the world mainly in Afghanistan and Pakistan, that border area, but also now in places like Yemen who are trying to do us harm,” the president said.  "We have to stay focused and that something that my administration intends to do. And you know citizens need to be focused and alert so that obviously if they see a suspicious package someplace that they’ve got to speak up.”

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