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Utah Mayor Mia Love Would Forego Congressional Salary If Elected

Love4Utah(SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah) -- If Mia Love is elected to Congress, she would not only be the first black female Republican ever to hold a U.S. House seat, she would also be one of the only Members of Congress to reject the $175,000 salary that comes with the job.

Love, the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, said she has “no problem with having a pay cut.”

“The pay means nothing to me,” Love told CY Interview’s Chris Yandek and Jay Bildstein. “My husband provides a great living for all of us and you know I’m obviously not doing this because I need a job.”

Considering the entire personnel budget for Saratoga Springs’ mayor and five city council members was $36,000 in 2010, the $175,000 salary for a member of Congress is likely ten times higher than Love’s current salary.

“You know I have to tell you, this is going to be a sacrifice for myself and my family,” Love said. “I’m only doing this because I realize that the situation that my children are facing and my potential grandchildren will be facing in this country.”

But Love did not say she would work for free.

“As long as I can go to and from work and it doesn’t create a heavy financial burden, I’m perfectly fine with a pay cut,” she said. “That’s not a big deal.”

As an African American woman, Love has emerged as a rising star of the Republican Party. Currently there are only two black Republicans in Congress, South Carolina Rep. Tim Scott and Florida Rep. Allen West.

Last week Love scored a major endorsement from Ann Romney, the wife of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Love may need all the support she can get as she faces off against six-term Democrat Jim Matheson, who was leading Love by 15 points in the latest poll.

If elected, Love would not be the only representative foregoing the majority of their salary. Rep. John Yarmouth, D-Ky., has donated his congressional income to charity every year since he was first elected in 2006.

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Politician: Don’t Pay Teachers More

File photo. iStockphoto/Thinkstock(HUNTSVILLE, Ala.) -- An Alabama state senator just made himself an enemy of the state’s nearly 50,000 teachers.

“It’s a biblical principle: If you double a teacher’s pay scale, you’ll attract people who aren’t called to teach,” State Sen. Shadrack McGill, a Republican, said at a prayer breakfast earlier this week.

McGill’s comments were in response to a question about a legislative pay hike that raised his salary as a part-time legislator to $49,500.

“It’s absolutely astounding that a legislator believes that a part-time legislator ought to make twice the money of a full-time teacher,” David Stout, a spokesperson for the Alabama Education Association, told ABC News. “He seems completely out of touch.”

McGill told ABC News affiliate WAAY that his comments were taken out of context.

“The point that I was trying to make in the speech is simply that … things ought to be in balance,” he said. “I believe God made everything to be in balance. He weighed the Earth and the valley and the mountains and the hills on a scale to keep them in balance because he knew he was going to be spinning it real fast, so that’s the gist of it.”

McGill did not return ABC News' request for comment.

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Senator Pledges to Give Up Salary During Shutdown

Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Democratic Senator Joe Manchin pledged Thursday to return his salary to the Treasury if the government shuts down this week -- and he wants his fellow members of Congress, the president, and the vice president to follow suit. 

“The bottom line is this: I can’t imagine that the president, vice president or any member of Congress -- Republican or Democrat --thinks they should get paid when the government has shut down,” Manchin wrote in a letter to colleagues Thursday. “Some in Washington will deride this as an empty gesture. To those naysayers, I say that the American people expect more of us. They expect us to lead by example and share their pain until a budget resolution is reached that reflects our values and priorities as a country.”

Republicans aren’t too impressed. The National Republican Senatorial Committee accused Manchin -- who is up for re-election next year -- of “pure political posturing.”

“This is nothing short of pure political posturing by multi-millionaire Joe Manchin to cover up for the fact that he and his fellow Washington Democrats have failed to do their jobs,” said NRSC spokesman Brian Walsh.

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