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GOP Address: Rep. Sandy Adams Invokes Compassion, Fellowship

Tom Williams/Roll Call/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Rep. Sandy Adams of Florida wishes to stress the importance of coming together and looking out for the less fortunate in this week's Republican address, delivered early for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Speaking about taking part in cherished traditions with family friends, Adams says it is equally important to consider those who are less fortunate -- such as the millions of unemployed Americans -- while giving thanks for our own blessings.

"In our prayers we include those less fortunate, especially the millions of our fellow citizens who are out of work."

Urging Americans to remember those Americans looking for work, Adams does not forget about the families celebrating the holiday in separate parts of the world while serving in the armed forces.

"We also keep faith with families marking the holiday without their loved ones who are serving in uniform," Adams says in the address.  

Rep. Adams reflects on our "national character," while noting the significance of compassion and fellowship.

"As Americans, we not only count our blessings -- we share them with those in need," she says. "Fellowship is an important part of our national character.  It may well be the first element, too."

Later Adams adds that "there is no substitute for the compassion and determination of a free people," recalling the history of the Thanksgiving holiday.

"It was during the Civil War that President Lincoln declared a national day of thanksgiving so Americans could, in his words, 'implore the Almighty Hand to heal the wounds of the nation and restore it.'  Today this message of humility and perseverance remains within our reach, thanks to generations of brave patriots who have preserved the blessings of this land we love," she notes.

Bringing the message back to the issues facing Americans today, Adams says we have inherited "an economy that promotes opportunity and entrepreneurship, and it is our duty to pass it on."

"Together, we can and should find common ground to empower small businesses and remove government barriers that make it harder to create jobs," she says.

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