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Jon Huntsman Gains Pawlenty’s Top New Hampshire Staffer

ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Tim Pawlenty announced Sunday on ABC’s This Week that he would end his campaign for president. On Monday, his New Hampshire campaign director, Sarah Crawford Stewart,  re-emerged as a senior consultant for candidate Jon Huntsman.

Stewart tells New Hampshire’s Union Leader, "Gov. Huntsman is committed to winning the New Hampshire primary, and I look forward to helping him and his team do just that.”   

Stewart, who was the deputy campaign manager for John McCain’s successful 2008 primary campaign, joins chief strategist John Weaver, campaign director Matt David and spokesperson Tim Miller as yet another former McCain staffer to join Team Huntsman. While she plans to serve as a consultant for the long haul, she is not technically a member of Huntsman’s staff.

Huntsman’s campaign tells ABC News, "Sarah is a true asset and we are happy that she has embraced Gov. Huntsman's campaign."

"I viewed Gov. Huntsman as somebody with exceptional governing experience,” Stewart said. "I viewed him as someone who would be the strongest competitor against President Obama in a general election."

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