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Nevada Tea Party Candidate Would Be 'At Peace' with Reid Victory

Photo Courtesy - Facebook(LAS VEGAS) -- Scott Ashjian calls himself the “Tea Party of Nevada” candidate for U.S. Senate, but tells ABC News that he would be “at peace” knowing he helped re-elect Democratic Sen. Harry Reid by siphoning votes away from Sharron Angle.

“At least with Harry Reid, you know what you got,” Ashjian told ABC News.  “As far as competence goes, or maybe, intellect goes, Harry Reid is probably a smarter person than Angle.”

Ashjian may get no more than a percent or two of the vote, but if those votes come from would-be Angle supporters, it could be enough to assure a victory for Reid, who can only win if some anti-Reid voters check boxes for third-party candidates or “none the above.”

That’s why a pro-Reid organization called Patriot Majority is running radio ads in support of Ashjian, who denies he’s a stalking horse for Reid.

“It could not be farther from the truth,” he says.  “I've never voted Democrat in my life. I've never met Harry Reid in my life.”

Ashjian claims to be a former Angle supporter, but now calls her a liar.

“Sharron Angle lies on her issues,” Ashjian said.  “She's come off 100 percent of where she was in the beginning when I supported her, compared to where she is today...she's turned into the consummate politician. She's run for the last 15 years in a row as a politician. And, she tells everybody that's she not, but her agenda is something different.”

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