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Romney’s Google Problem Solves Itself

Darren McCollester/Getty Images(MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.) -- Google seems to be as lukewarm about GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney as are Republican voters, who have yet to show more than 25 percent support for the former Massachusetts governor.

Last week when anyone Googled the phrase “Romney can win,” the search engine asked: “Did you mean: ‘Romney can’t win?’”

But after a flurry of recent news stories about the search and suggested search, which were first reported by Slate, the top-secret Google algorithms about the prospects of the on-again-off-again Republican front-runner seem to have changed.

For those searching “Romney can win” this week, Google has ditched its “did you mean” suggestion and has merely underlined the word “can” in red. The change, a Google spokesperson suggests, is purely mechanical and was not done deliberately.

“Our algorithms are automatically refreshed to take into account the latest data available,” the spokesperson said in an email. “With the latest data refresh, the spell-checking feature no longer appears for this particular query.”

Romney’s campaign declined to comment on the search results.

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