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House Democrats Waiting for Senate to Pass Tax Cuts Bill

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- House Democrats emerging from a closed-caucus late Tuesday night told reporters that the Democratic leadership has not come to a conclusion on moving forward with the Senate bill, but that the options are plentiful and a vote is still expected by the end of the week. But before the House Democratic leadership decides how to move forward on the bill, they’ll wait to see what the Senate accomplishes in Wednesday morning’s vote.
Rep. Louise Slaughter, the chair of the Rules Committee, said that when members of the House eventually take up the bill for consideration (as soon as the Senate passes it), the bill likely won’t be altered through amendments, but rather members of the House will have multiple rules to vote on, which would contain various proposals -- such as changes to the estate tax break and the upper-income levels of the tax cuts. In a procedure known as “King of the Hill,” members would vote on a series of rules and the rule with the most votes beyond a majority would become law.
Beyond their opposition to the extension of tax cuts for the wealthy and the estate tax provision of the deal, some House Democrats have expressed their frustrations with the length of the Unemployment Extension being only one year, while many of the other proposals are two-year extensions.
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