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GOP Address: Sen. Coats Says to 'Look Outside of Washington' for Debt Solution

Office of the United States Senator Dan Coats(WASHINGTON) -- Sen. Dan Coats of Indiana says that at the time of his retirement from the Senate 12 years ago, he was confident that a quality education, the opportunity to own a home and land a good-paying job would all be available to his children and grandchildren. But in recent years, Sen. Coats says, he saw that vision become more difficult for Americans to achieve.

"I returned to the Senate for one reason," Coats says in the Republican address. "I refused to stand on the sidelines. I refused to be part of the first generation to leave behind a country in worse shape than the one we inherited."

Sen. Coats says the way to get back in track is to put a stop to over-spending and enacting policies that will create jobs and grow the economy.  He criticizes President Obama's approach to spending and borrowing, pointing to the county's $14.3 trillion debt limit and 14 million Americans out of work.

Coats urged lawmakers to look outside Washington for examples of debt reduction and touted Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels' strategy.

“Governor Mitch Daniels, like the President, inherited a weak economy. In 2005, Indiana faced a $200 million deficit and had failed to balance the budget for seven years. And while other states increased spending and raised taxes, Indiana reduced spending, cut taxes and paid down its debts. Thanks to our governor’s leadership and the resolve of Hoosiers, our state is now the most attractive place to do business in the Midwest," Coats says.

Coats ends the address with optimism about the challenges facing Americans.

"…the problem we face is not insurmountable.  We have overcome major challenges in the past.  Times of trial have always produced moments of great leadership that rally the American people."

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