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Jeb Bush: I’m ‘In Sync’ with Lindsey Graham on Immigration Reform

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush told ABC’s This Week that he is “in sync” with South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham on the immigration reform issue. This following an incident on Monday when Bush said he disagreed with a key component of the plan.

Graham, a leading member of the bipartisan group of senators pushing for immigration reform, took Bush to task after the Bush said Monday that he did not support a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, major part of the plan.

Bush repented on This Week and said he could in fact support a plan that included a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants already living in the United States.

“Senator Graham and I talked,” Bush said. “I told him that I support his efforts and I applaud what he’s doing.

“The basic premise needs to be that coming to the country legally should be easier with less cost than coming to the country illegally.  And if you can create a system like that as is being discussed in the Senate and in the House– through a path to citizenship, that’s fine,” Bush said. “But my guess is that will take a long, long time to achieve.  In the interim, it’s important to take people out from the shadows to allow them to have– the dignity of being– having legal status.”

Florida governor Jeb Bush told me that he was “very encouraged” about the possibility of comprehensive immigration reform – a legislative achievement that has eluded lawmakers for more than a decade — becoming law by the end of the year.

“There are some big sticking points about how do you deal with making sure that there’s enough seasonal workers, temporary worker programs that have been quite successful in the past,” Bush said. “There’s a lot of work being done, really good work, courageous work, ’cause this is complex and may not be popular, but I think it’s– it is possible that comprehensive reform can be done.”

Bush also insisted that he is not positioning himself for a 2016 presidential run as he promotes his new book Immigration Wars, even as speculation grows that he aims to be the third member of the Bush family to occupy the oval office.

“I’m not viewing this as a political reentry either.  I just don’t view it that way,” Bush said. “Everything’s viewed with a political lens in Washington and that’s just the nature of the beast and it is what it is.”

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Graham: GOP Presidential Race Mathematically ‘Over’

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday on This Week that the race for the GOP presidential nomination is Mitt “Romney’s to lose.”

“I wouldn’t trade places with Mitt if I were in the race,” the Republican senator from South Carolina said. ”He has almost a third of the delegates he needs. Mathematically, Rick would have to win 75 percent of what remains. He’s done an outstanding job, Rick has, of starting with almost nothing and being a real contender, and Newt’s come back from the dead two or three times. But mathematically, this thing is about over, but emotionally it’s not.”

Graham declined to say whether the other Republican candidates running for president should end their bids, even as he argued that Romney will inevitably capture the nomination.

“I think everybody believes, if I could just get a one-on-one with Romney, I could win this thing. But if Romney does well, wins either Mississippi or Alabama and wins Illinois, then I think it’s virtually impossible for this thing to continue much beyond early May,” Graham said. “But there’s a ways to go yet. It’s Romney’s to lose. And, quite frankly, every time he had his back against the wall, he’s performed. And I like his chances, but the other two candidates have got to make that decision themselves.”
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Lindsey Graham Says Rick Santorum Wrong on Economy

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday on This Week that GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum was wrong Saturday when he said the improving economy could hurt Republican chances in the November elections.

“I don’t think he’s right at all,” the South Carolina Republican said. “This is an anemic recovery after a pretty long recession.”

Santorum, a former senator from Pennsylvania, said Saturday after coming off a victory in Kansas that “the economy may be getting better and Republicans may lose their edge on that issue.”

Graham said, however, “The policies of the president are going to make it impossible for this country to recover.”

Graham appeared with Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., who said the president’s policies have led to a stronger economy.

“The Republican Party is on the defensive,” Schumer said. “Well, I think the Republican Party is on the defensive. The president was handed an awful situation, everyone knows that, greatest recession since the depression, 700,000 jobs lost the year he took office, and now it’s turning around because of his steadfastness,” he said.

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