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GOP Address: Slow Recovery, Lack of Jobs Bankrupting America

Photo Courtesy - Office of Sen. Ron Johnson(WASHINGTON) -- In the GOP’s weekly radio address, Wisconsin freshman Sen. Ron Johnson said slow economic activity and high unemployment is leading America into bankruptcy.

Johnson says huge deficits and inadequate job creation are not to blame for America being bankrupted, but the ever-expanding size, scope, and cost of government is.

“I hope the president and his allies in Congress accept a simple truth: big government is blocking job creation, not helping it,” Sen. Johnson said. “The sooner Washington ends its dependence on more spending, the sooner our economy will see real growth.”

Johnson described government regulations as having a detrimental effect on the economy, and said that these regulations are costing taxpayers precious time.

“The small business administration estimates that government regulations cost our economy $1.7 trillion annually,” Johnson said. “According to the IRS’ own figures, it costs taxpayers 6.1 billion hours to comply with tax code, just last year.”

The newly-elected senator said he brings the perspective of someone who has been creating jobs, and said he knows first-hand the consequences of government intrusion into peoples' lives.

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