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Anthony Weiner's Sexting Partner: Politician Criticized Muslim In-Laws

Alex Wong/Getty Images(NEW YORK ) -- A sexting partner of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner is releasing a book this week detailing more about what the New York politician wrote in the infamous text messages that cost him his job.

Traci Noble, a former cheerleader coach from Georgia, has written a book, I Freinded You, with the intentional misspelling. In excerpts obtained by MailOnline, Noble writes that Weiner sent her a “friend” request and began Facebook chatting with her after she posted on his public Facebook page.  She said he used the Yahoo chat name “rockoh77″ and his avatar was a picture of his niece.

Weiner resigned in June after he accidentally tweeted public a lewd photo he meant to stay between himself and other woman. He at first lied, saying his Twitter account had been hacked, but then admitted to sending the photo and carrying on sexually charged electronic relationships with several women.

In excerpts of Noble’s book obtained by MailOnline, she writes that she and Weiner shared more than just dirty talk. Weiner confided in her about his relationship with his in-laws, allegedly saying they were “backwards thinking.”

Weiner is married to Huma Abedin, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff.  Abedin is pregnant with the couple’s first child. She and her parents are Muslim. Weiner is Jewish.

In one text, Weiner allegedly writes, “Well a lot has to do with religion, lots of restrictions and how I’ve never really been accepted by them.”

Noble says he texted her that Abedin’s parents believe he should convert to the Muslim faith.

“Yeah, it makes for a lot of uncomfortable meetings,” Weiner allegedly texted.

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Anthony Weiner Spotted Singing, Shopping with Pregnant Wife

Mario Tama/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Hours after Rep. Anthony Weiner announced his resignation from the House, he was spotted grocery shopping in Long Island with his pregnant wife, Huma Abedin, according to the New York Post.

Another shopper told the Post that while Weiner "sang quietly along to a '50s doo-wop song blaring from the store's speakers," and despite the shocking event in her life, Abedlin "was all smiles. She didn't look upset or anything."

Weiner resigned from the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday amid a growing sexting scandal.

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Former Porn Actress: Weiner 'Asked Me to Lie'

D Dipasupil/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- During a press conference Wednesday in New York City, former porn star Ginger Lee said Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., asked her to lie about their correspondence.

Lee said she never sent photos to or received photos from the congressman, and although he tried to make their conversations sexual by references to his "package," she "did not reciprocate."

"'I have wardrobe demands, too. I need to highlight my package,'" Weiner wrote in an email to Lee that was read aloud at the press conference by Lee's attorney, Gloria Allred.

Allred said that Lee began following Weiner on Twitter because he supported Planned Parenthood and health care, two issues that are important to her.

After the photo of Weiner's crotch went public, Lee said, "he asked me to lie" about the relationship. She said she issued a three-sentence statement at Weiner's request.

On June 2, Lee said Weiner called her and told her to avoid the media. According to Lee, Weiner believed if they both lay low and said nothing, the story would calm down and die. Now Lee wants Weiner to resign.

"I think that Anthony Weiner should resign, because he lied. He lied to the public and the press for more than a week," she said. "If he lied about this, I can't have much faith in him about anything else."

House Democrats and President Obama have all urged the congressman to step down.

Weiner, who has taken a two-week leave from the House, is currently at an undisclosed location seeking treatment for an undisclosed disorder. His wife, Huma Abedin, aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, returned from a trip to Africa with Clinton Wednesday morning.

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Rep. Weiner Shouldn't Resign, Constituents Say in New Poll

Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Embattled Rep. Anthony Weiner may be taking heat from a growing number of his colleagues who think he should resign from office, but most voters in his congressional district appear to have his back.

A new poll by New York 1 and Marist College found 56 percent of registered voters in New York’s 9th congressional district think Weiner should stay, despite bold public lies about his online behavior and the embarrassing details that have since come to light.

Thirty-three percent said Weiner should immediately resign, while 12 percent were undecided, according to the poll.

The results mirror the findings of a broader poll of registered New York City voters released Tuesday.

“It’s shades of Clinton-Lewinsky in this poll,” said ABC News pollster Gary Langer of Langer Research Associates.  “The results indicate that the majority of Weiner’s constituents are willing to separate his personal behavior, however objectionable, from his professional performance -- much as we saw in public reaction to President Clinton’s sex scandal back in 1998.”

Weiner, who has been trying to keep a low profile since making a dramatic public confession and mea culpa on Monday, told the New York Post outside his home in Queens Thursday that he intends to keep his job and “get back to work as best I can.”

If the latest poll is any indication, Weiner could face an uphill climb in convincing voters to give him another term.

Only 44 percent of voters in his district said he’s doing an excellent or good job in office, while 38 percent see him favorably, and 48 percent think he can be effective or very effective in office if he stays.

As for whether they’d vote for Weiner again if the election were held today, it’s split fairly evenly three ways: 30 percent definitely would, 31 percent definitely would not, and 38 percent are undecided.

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Alleged New Photo of Rep. Weiner Emerges Amid Calls for Ouster

Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- As an increasing number of his fellow Democrats have been calling for his ouster, Rep. Anthony Weiner is dealing with the aftermath of his online sexting scandal, including news that an alleged nude photo of the Democratic congressman has hit the Internet.

Meanwhile, the public learned that Weiner's wife is three months pregnant with their first child.

The alleged nude image of Weiner emerged after conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart appeared on the Sirius XM program The Opie and Anthony Show, where he claimed on air that he had a nude picture of the congressman on his cellphone.  Breitbart said that Weiner has sent the image to one of the women that he corresponded with online. An image of the picture was captured -- apparently without Breitbart's consent and knowledge -- by a camera in the Opie and Anthony studio, and quickly hit the Internet -- something the blogger subsequently said he was "mortified" to discover.

Weiner confessed Monday to lying about sending a photo of his crotch via Twitter to 21-year-old Seattle college student Gennette Cordova and five other women over the past three years.  He also has admitted that he sent explicit photos over the Internet.

So far, the only confirmed photos that have emerged from the scandal of the 46-year-old congressman show him clothed or shirtless.

The website Gawker eventually posted the image from Breitbart's phone Wednesday.  ABC News has not independently confirmed that the photo in question is of Rep. Weiner.

Reports also emerged on Wednesday that Weiner's wife of 11 months, Huma Abedin, is in the early stages of her first pregnancy.

Though Abedin, 35, is reportedly devastated by her husband's admission of risque online chats and photo swaps with other women, she's reportedly told friends she is still committed to the marriage and wants to help Weiner salvage his political career.

Friends say that Abedin, who is a top aide to Hillary Clinton, did know that Weiner had a "problem" before their marriage, but he promised he was past that.

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Rep. Weiner Standing His Ground Amidst Calls to Resign

Alex Wong/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Pressure is mounting on Rep. Anthony Weiner to step down after his confession that he had been sending lewd photos of himself and texts to women via Twitter -- and that he has lied about it.

The New York Democrat is finding few who are willing to publicly come to his defense, even in his own party.

"Lying is unforgivable.  Lying publicly about something like this is unforgivable and he should resign," former Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine, D-Va., told CBS on Tuesday.

"I know Congressman Weiner.  And I wish there was some way I could defend him -- but I can't," Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., said.  Reid added that if Weiner called him for advice, he'd tell him to "call someone else."

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's call for an ethics committee investigation is not satisfying some Republicans who are calling for an immediate resignation.

Weiner, however, maintains that he will hang onto his job as U.S. Representative for New York's 9th congressional district.

"I am not resigning," a defiant Weiner said told reporters in Queens, New York Tuesday evening.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus became the first official to call on Weiner to resign after Weiner's mea culpa press conference on Monday.

"Congressman Weiner's actions and deception are unacceptable and he should resign.  We do not need an investigation to know he lied and acted inappropriately, we need a resignation," Priebus said in a written statement.

"Either Leader Pelosi and DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz believe members of Congress are held to a different set of standards or they believe these actions demand his resignation," he added.

Although Weiner's actions would be considered by many to be lewd and inappropriate, the major question for the ethics committee is whether he broke the rules of the House of Representatives.

Blake Chisam, former staff director of the ethics committee, says that if Weiner used his government computer to send the messages, he could be in trouble, even though some incidental personal use is permitted.

"You know the rules in the House can often be a labyrinth," Chisam told ABC News, adding that the questions of whether sending pornography or lewd photographs will be difficult to argue as "incidental."

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Will Anthony Weiner's Wife Huma Abedin Stand by Him?

Dimitrios Kambouris/VF11/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Confessions from New York Rep. Anthony Weiner that he lied about sexting photos to a Seattle woman and at least five others over the past three years have shaken his barely 11-month marriage to Huma Abedin.

Abedin is a longtime aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  The 34-year-old has endured humiliating headlines in The New York Post -- "ballooning scandal," "Hide the Weiner" and "What a Weenie" -- after word got out that a 21-year-old Gennette Cordova had received the now-infamous photo of a man's crotch from the congressman's Twitter account.

In a tear-stained, half-hour press conference Monday, the Democratic congressman said his wife would stand by him, despite the week-old scandal dubbed "Weinergate."

"We have no intention of splitting over this," said Weiner, 46, who will not resign.  "We will weather this.  I love her.  She loves me."

He said that he had told his wife about contact with women before their marriage, but not about recent ventures online, including one with single mom Meagan Broussard.  Weiner said he has never met these women in person and has not had sex outside marriage.

Abedin only learned the truth Monday and didn't show up for the press conference.

The couple -- with some irony noted by pundits -- was married last July by former President Bill Clinton, who was himself impeached by the House of Representatives in 1998 over an affair with Monica Lewinsky.  When he officiated at the Long Island ceremony, Bill Clinton reportedly toasted Abedin, saying she was like a daughter to him.

Hillary Clinton weathered the same public humiliation when her husband was unfaithful with a White House intern, yet chose to stand by her man.

Whether Abedin takes Clinton's path or ultimately leaves Weiner is anyone's guess.

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Rep. Anthony Weiner's Sexting Scandal: Why Did He Do It?

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- New York Rep. Anthony Weiner's admission that he tweeted and Facebook-messaged inappropriate photos of himself to at least six women is the latest sexting scandal among politicians and public figures.

From NFL quarterback Brett Favre to disgraced Rep. Christopher Lee, Weiner had plenty of examples of what happens when you get caught.  So why did he do it?

"If you're looking for some kind of deep explanation, I simply don't have one," Weiner said at a press conference Monday afternoon.  "This was just me doing a dumb thing, doing it repeatedly and then lying about it."

Weiner didn't have an answer, but therapists do.

"Adults, particularly those in positions of power like politicians, sext because they want even more power," said Bethany Marshall, a marriage and family therapist in Beverly Hills, California.  "They want reassurance, they want the sexual stimulation, they want to think of themselves as sexually desirable."

Marshall said that sexting, once a teen phenomenon, has grown into an adult problem, leaving spouses questioning their husbands and wives.  Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, have been married only a year.

Choking back tears, Weiner talked about his wife's reaction.

"My primary sense of regret, my primary apology, goes to my wife," he said.

Weiner admitted to lying to his wife, his staff and the public about a photo of his crotch that was tweeted from his account on May 27.

"They [politicians] have an insatiable need to feel wanted and desired and when they sext, sometimes it is to coerce a response from the woman," Marshall said.  "They sext the pictures of themselves with the fantasy that they are particularly desirable and then on top of it, they don't think they are going to be caught."

When the scandal first broke, Weiner said his account had been hacked.  Now he admits that he tweeted the photo, intending for it to be a direct message.

"I have made terrible mistakes.  I have hurt the people I care about the most and I am deeply sorry," Weiner said.  "I have engaged in several inappropriate conversations. ...I have engaged six women over the past three years."

Weiner specified that he never had sex with these women and that some of these relationships began before his marriage.

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