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Gov. Rendell Defends Bloomberg, Talks Life Post-Governorship

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Outgoing Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has been a vocal critic of the NFL’s decision to postpone last weekend’s Philadelphia Eagles-Minnesota Viking game due to inclement weather, lamenting that “we’re becoming a nation of wussies.”  But Rendell on Friday came to the defense of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who’s under fire for what many see as the city’s poor response to the snowstorm.

“It was difficult to predict, it came very quickly and swiftly,” Rendell told ABC News. “New York’s had a very good track record of snow removal and…you can’t hit a home run every time at bat and even the best players in sports have bad days. I don’t know what happened in New York. I know some areas were clean better than others, but by and large, the Bloomberg administration does a very good job on things like this.”

As for his future post-governorship, Rendell played down chatter that he had been picked as the new White House chief of staff.

“ I don’t have the stature that Colin Powell has,” said Rendell, who sees the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as the ideal candidate for the job. “I don’t think hardly anybody in America has that stature of non-partisanship, acting in the good of the country. I think that’s what we need.”

“If they are going to replace [acting Chief of Staff] Peter Rouse or keep Peter as a deputy, I’d love to see [ex U.S. Senator] Tom Daschle. I think he’s another person who could bring this together very effectively."

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Pennsylvania Governor, an Eagles Fan, Angry at NFL Postponement

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(PHILADELPHIA) -- Politicians normally preach safety first and an over-abundance of caution during a snow storm. Perhaps that’s why Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter declared a snow emergency at 2 p.m. Sunday. The NFL subsequently postponed the Eagles game that was to take place that day.

It’s a decision that was immediately second-guessed by fans across Pennsylvania, including the outgoing governor, Democrat Ed Rendell, who thought the game should have gone on.

The governor got in a verbal sparring match with the chief meteorologist on Philadelphia's Fox affiliate, arguing that Philadelphia missed most of the storm and the game shouldn’t be postponed for several measley inches of snow. The weatherman at the Fox station interjected to say the snow was substantial.

The governor disagreed and argued that legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi is probably “spinning in his grave.”

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