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Sarah Palin: Tax Cut Deal is 'Lousy,' New Congress Should Take Up Issue

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASILLA, Alaska) -- In an exclusive interview with Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts, Sarah Palin said she doesn't support the "lousy" tax deal brokered by President Obama and Republican lawmakers and instead wants to see a permanent extension of the tax cuts.

"I think it's a lousy deal and we can do better for the American people," Palin said in an interview at her home in Wasilla, Alaska.

The "new Congress is seated the first week of January," she said, "and it is better to wait until they are seated and get a good deal for the American public than to accept what I think is a lousy deal, because it creates a temporary economy with even more uncertainty for businesses and it does increase taxes."

The former Alaska governor, however, praised Obama for "flip-flopping" on his original promise not to extend tax cuts for those making more than $250,000 per year.

"I would say that it is a flip-flop in his position on taxes because he was so adamant about not allowing the tax-cut extension to take place for job creators, and then all of a sudden one day he was fine with it," Palin told Roberts.

"He, you know, can term it compromise. I term it flip-flop," she said. "I was thankful that he did but it's still not good enough because our economy a breaking point and we are on a path towards insolvency if we do not start incentivizing businesses to start producing more in our own country."

The tax bill, which would extend Bush-era cuts for two years for all Americans, passed with a bipartisan majority in the Senate on Wednesday and is awaiting a final vote in the House, where it has been met with resistance by liberal Democrats.

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