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Sen. Rand Paul Delivers Tea Party State of the Union Response

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Sen. Rand Paul Tuesday night delivered the Tea Party response to President Obama’s State of the Union address. Below is a transcript of his remarks as prepared for delivery.

I speak to you tonight from Washington, D.C. The state of our economy is tenuous but our people remain the greatest example of freedom and prosperity the world has ever known.

People say America is exceptional. I agree, but it’s not the complexion of our skin or the twists in our DNA that make us unique. America is exceptional because we were founded upon the notion that everyone should be free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

For the first time in history, men and women were guaranteed a chance to succeed based NOT on who your parents were but on your own initiative and desire to work.

We are in danger, though, of forgetting what made us great. The President seems to think the country can continue to borrow $50,000 per second. The President believes that we should just squeeze more money out of those who are working.

The path we are on is not sustainable, but few in Congress or in this Administration seem to recognize that their actions are endangering the prosperity of this great nation.

Ronald Reagan said, government is not the answer to the problem, government is the problem.

Tonight, the President told the nation he disagrees. President Obama believes government is the solution: More government, more taxes, more debt.

What the President fails to grasp is that the American system that rewards hard work is what made America so prosperous.

What America needs is not Robin Hood but Adam Smith. In the year we won our independence, Adam Smith described what creates the Wealth of Nations.

He described a limited government that largely did not interfere with individuals and their pursuit of happiness.

All that we are, all that we wish to be is now threatened by the notion that you can have something for nothing, that you can have your cake and eat it too, that you can spend a trillion dollars every year that you don’t have.

I was elected to the Senate in 2010 by people worried about our country, worried about our kids and their future. I thought I knew how bad it was in Washington. But it is worse than I ever imagined.

Congress is debating the wrong things.

Every debate in Washington is about how much to increase spending – a little or a lot.

About how much to increase taxes – a little or a lot.

The President does a big “woe is me” over the $1.2 trillion sequester that he endorsed and signed into law. Some Republicans are joining him. Few people understand that the sequester doesn’t even cut any spending. It just slows the rate of growth. Even with the sequester, government will grow over $7 trillion over the next decade.

Only in Washington could an increase of $7 trillion in spending over a decade be called a cut.

So, what is the President’s answer? Over the past four years he has added over $6 trillion in new debt and may well do the same in a second term. What solutions does he offer? He takes entitlement reform off the table and seeks to squeeze more money out of the private sector.

He says he wants a balanced approach.

What the country really needs is a balanced budget.

Washington acts in a way that your family never could – they spend money they do not have, they borrow from future generations, and then they blame each other for never fixing the problem.

Tonight I urge you to demand a new course.

Demand Washington change their ways, or be sent home.

To begin with, we absolutely must pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution!

The amendment must include strict tax and spending limitations.

Liberals complain that the budget can’t be balanced but if you cut just one penny from each dollar we currently spend, the budget would balance within six or seven years.

The Penny Plan has been crafted into a bill that millions of conservatives across the country support.

It is often said that there is not enough bipartisanship up here.

That is not true.

In fact, there is plenty.

Both parties have been guilty of spending too much, of protecting their sacred cows, of backroom deals in which everyone up here wins, but every taxpayer loses.

It is time for a new bipartisan consensus.

It is time Democrats admit that not every dollar spent on domestic programs is sacred. And it is time Republicans realize that military spending is not immune to waste and fraud.

Where would we cut spending; well, we could start with ending all foreign aid to countries that are burning our flag and chanting 'Death to America.'

The President could begin by stopping the F-16s and Abrams tanks being given to the radical Islamic government of Egypt.

Not only should the sequester stand, many pundits say the sequester really needs to be at least $4 trillion to avoid another downgrade of America’s credit rating.

Both parties will have to agree to cut, or we will never fix our fiscal mess.

Bipartisanship is not what is missing in Washington. Common sense is.

Trillion-dollar deficits hurt us all.

Printing more money to feed the never-ending appetite for spending hurts us all.

We pay higher prices every time we go to the supermarket or the gas pump. The value of the dollar shrinks with each new day.

Contrary to what the President claims, big government and debt are not a friend to the poor and the elderly. Big-government debt keeps the poor poor and saps the savings of the elderly.

This massive expansion of the debt destroys savings and steals the value of your wages.

Big government makes it more expensive to put food on the table. Big government is not your friend. The President offers you free stuff but his policies keep you poor.

Under President Obama, the ranks of America’s poor swelled to almost 1 in 6 people last year, reaching a new high as long-term unemployment left millions of Americans struggling and out of work.

The cycle must be broken.

The willpower to do this will not come from Congress. It must come from the American people.

Next month, I will propose a five-year balanced budget, a budget that last year was endorsed by taxpayer groups across the country for its boldness, and for actually solving the problem.

I will work with anyone on either side of the aisle who wants to cut spending.

But in recent years, there has been no one to work with.

The President’s massive tax hikes and spending increases have caused his budgets to get ZERO votes in both houses of Congress. Not a single Democrat voted for the President’s budget!

But at least he tried.

Senate Democrats have not even produced a budget in the time I have been in office, a shameful display of incompetence that illustrates their lack of seriousness.

This year, they say they will have a budget, but after just recently imposing hundreds of billions in new taxes, they now say they will include more tax hikes in their budget.

We must stand firm. We must say NO to any MORE tax hikes!

Only through lower taxes, less regulation and more freedom will the economy begin to grow again.

Our party is the party of growth, jobs and prosperity, and we will boldly lead on these issues.

Under the Obama economy, 12 million people are out of work. During the President’s first term 800,000 construction workers lost their jobs and another 800,000 simply gave up on looking for work.

With my five-year budget, millions of jobs would be created by cutting the corporate income tax in half, by creating a flat personal income tax of 17%, and by cutting the regulations that are strangling American businesses.

The only stimulus ever proven to work is leaving more money in the hands of those who earned it!

For those who are struggling we want to you to have something infinitely more valuable than a free phone, we want you to have a job and pathway to success.

We are the party that embraces hard work and ingenuity, therefore we must be the party that embraces the immigrant who wants to come to America for a better future.

We must be the party who sees immigrants as assets, not liabilities.

We must be the party that says, “If you want to work, if you want to become an American, we welcome you.”

For those striving to climb the ladder of success we must fix our schools.

America’s educational system is leaving behind anyone who starts with disadvantages.

We have cut classroom size in half and tripled spending on education and still we lag behind much of the world.

A great education needs to be available for everyone, whether you live on country club lane or in government housing.

This will only happen when we allow school choice for everyone, rich or poor, white, brown, or black.

Let the taxes you pay for education follow each and every student to the school of your choice.

Competition has made America the richest nation in history. Competition can make our educational system the envy of the world.

The status quo traps poor children in a crumbling system of hopelessness.

When every child can, like the President’s kids, go to the school of their choice, then will the dreams of our children come true!

Washington could also use a good dose of transparency, which is why we should fight back against middle of the night deals that end with massive bills no one has read.

We must continue to fight for legislation that forces Congress to read the bills!

We must continue to object when Congress sticks special interest riders on bills in the dead of night!

And if Congress refuses to obey its own rules, if Congress refuses to pass a budget, if Congress refuses to read the bills, then I say:

Sweep the place clean. Limit their terms and send them home!

I have seen the inner sanctum of Congress and believe me there is no monopoly on knowledge there.

If they will not listen, if they will not balance the budget, then we should limit their terms.

We are the party that adheres to the Constitution. We will not let the liberals tread on the Second Amendment!

We will fight to defend the entire Bill of Rights from the right to trial by jury to the right to be free from unlawful searches.

We will stand up against excessive government power wherever we see it.

We cannot and will not allow any President to act as if he were a king.

We will not let any President use executive orders to impinge on the Second Amendment.

We will not tolerate secret lists of American citizens who can be killed without trial.

Montesquieu wrote that there can be no liberty when the executive branch and the legislative branch are combined. Separation of powers is a bedrock principle of our Constitution.

We took the President to court over his unconstitutional recess appointments and won.

If necessary, we will take him to court again if he attempts to legislate by executive order.

Congress must reassert its authority as the protector of these rights, and stand up for them, no matter which party is in power.

Congress must stand as a check to the power of the executive, and it must stand as it was intended, as the voice of the people.

The people are crying out for change. They are asking for us to hear their voices, to fix our broken system, to right our economy and to restore their liberty.

Let us tonight let them know that we hear their voices. That we can and must work together, that we can and must re-chart our course toward a better future.

America has much greatness left in her. We will begin to thrive again when we begin to believe in ourselves again, when we regain our respect for our founding documents, when we balance our budget, when we understand that capitalism and free markets and free individuals are what creates our nation’s prosperity.

Thank you and God Bless America.

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GOP Senate Candidate Ted Cruz Sees Tea Party as 'the Future'

Douglas Graham/Roll Call(TAMPA, Fla.) -- With the help of the Tea Party, Ted Cruz bucked the establishment in Texas this summer when he knocked a long-term state politician out of the Republican Senate primary, sending a message that the Tea Party is here to stay.

"I think it is absolutely the future," Cruz told ABC's Nightline anchor Terry Moran.  "In 2010, the Tea Party had a lot of protests in the blazing hot sun.  In 2011 and 2012, the Tea Party went to work.  They rolled up their sleeves.  They got involved in the parties.  They got involved in campaigns.  They started block walking, phone banking."

"In my race, thousands and thousands of Tea Party activists made the difference in the race and it's a fundamental shift.  It's getting the Republican Party back to the principles we should have been standing for in the first place," Cruz told Moran.

Cruz, 41, has never held elective office, but with the support of the Tea Party and prominent Republicans such as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and former presidential candidate Rick Santorum, he was catapulted to victory this summer in a bitter run-off with Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst for a Senate seat left open by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas.

When he entered the race, Cruz was polling at just single digits, but he forced Dewhurst, who was backed by Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, into a run-off in July, demonstrating the frustration Texans had towards the establishment.

"There is a sense that the folks who have been in office for a long time, they don't get it.  And it is both parties have let us down.  Barack Obama is the most radical president we've ever seen but a lot of Republicans have been complicit with the Democrats in growing spending out of control," Cruz told Moran.  "I think the voters are saying to both parties, 'Get back to the basic, founding principles of our country -- limited government, free markets, individual liberty,' and I think that's what this movement all across the country is about."

A few blocks from the main convention proceedings in Tampa, Fla., hundreds of delegates streamed into a revival style tent on Wednesday to lay the groundwork for an even more conservative Republican future, grooming a whole new crop of leaders, like Cruz, who spoke before the crowd as he was accompanied by his father.

"The stakes have never been higher.  Americans are uniting to turn the country around," Cruz said.

A magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School who attended Princeton University as an undergrad, Cruz served as solicitor general in Texas from 2003 to 2008.  Prior to that, Cruz worked for the Federal Trade Commission and Justice Department, and he clerked for former Chief Justice William Rehnquist, making Cruz the first Latino to clerk for a chief justice.

Cruz is the son of a Cuban immigrant whose story the Texan shared at the convention Tuesday night, even speaking in Spanish -- a language in which Cruz is not fluent -- to describe his father's determination to achieve the American dream.

"He fled to Texas in 1957, not speaking English, with $100 sewn into his underwear.  He washed dishes making 50 cents an hour to pay his way through the University of Texas and to start a small business in the oil and gas industry," Cruz said of his father in a speech at the RNC Tuesday night.  "When he came to America, el no tenia nada, pero tenia corazon.  He had nothing, but he had heart.  A heart for freedom.  Thank you, Dad."

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Todd Akin's Rape Remark Draws Tea Party Pressure for Him to Quit

Chris Maddaloni/Roll Call/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Pressure mounted on Rep. Todd Akin to quit his Missouri Senate race on Monday despite his repeated refusals to step down over his incendiary comments about rape.

Earlier in the day, moderate Republicans campaigning in bitterly contested battle ground states called on Akin to exit the race.  By late in the afternoon, conservative elements of the party, including an influential super PAC and the Tea Party Express, called on him to terminate his race for the good of the party.

Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer said Akin's remarks that women rarely became pregnant from "legitimate rape" were "unfortunate and inappropriate" and added that they had become a distraction that would cost Republicans the chance to beat Democratic incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill and ultimately any chance at winning the Senate.

"It is critical that we defeat Senator Claire McCaskill in November, but it will be too difficult to achieve that with Todd Akin as the conservative alternative.  He should step down and give conservatives a chance at taking back the Senate in November," Kremer said in a statement.

The legal deadline for Akin to withdraw his name from the ballot is 6 p.m. Eastern time Tuesday.

Akin, a Republican, insisted on Mike Huckabee's radio show Monday that he is staying in the race despite the furor over his comments that rape victims rarely get pregnant.

"If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down," he said on Sunday.

Akin apologized for the remark on Monday and told Huckabee that he was "not a quitter," and still hoped to defeat McCaskill.

"I've really made a couple of serious mistakes here that were just wrong, and I need to apologize for those," he said.

"Let me be clear," Akin added.  "Rape is never legitimate.  It's an evil act that's committed by violent predators.  I used the wrong words in the wrong way."

When asked by Huckabee to clarify what he meant by "legitimate rape," Akin said, "I was talking about forcible rape and it was absolutely the wrong word."

CNN's Piers Morgan tweeted on Monday that Akin, the "biggest name of the day," was to appear live on Piers Morgan Tonight Monday night.  Morgan's show, however, opened at 9 p.m. with a shot of an empty chair.

Morgan said Akin's communications adviser agreed to book the interview and then pulled out "at the last possible moment ... leaving us and you looking at an empty chair."  Morgan said that Akin is still welcome to appear on the show, or be "what we would call in England a gutless, little twerp."

After Akin insisted on staying in the race, the powerful and well-funded conservative super PAC American Crossroads, founded by former President George W. Bush's aide Karl Rove, pulled funding for his campaign -- an attempt to exert pressure on him to quit or a tacit acknowledgement that he will now likely lose.

American Crossroads told ABC News that they "will not be spending in Missouri moving forward."  The group had spent $5.4 million and they had reserved at least $2.3 million more for the Missouri election.

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Christine O’Donnell to Stage Tea Party vs. Occupy Debate in Tampa

Win McNamee/Getty Images(TAMPA, Fla.) -- Christine O’Donnell is looking to make some trouble in Tampa, Fla.

The former Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Delaware will host a five-day event dubbed Troublemaker Fest at an IMAX theater two blocks from the Tampa Bay Times Forum, where the Republican National Convention will be held.

Her event, slated for Aug. 26-30, will overlap with the Aug. 27-30 GOP convention.

While details have yet to be released and are still being hashed out, O’Donnell plans to host a debate between panelists from the Tea Party and Occupy movements, representing the opposite ends of America’s current political spectrum.

O’Donnell made waves in the Republican Party and earned national headlines in 2010 for her victory in Delaware’s GOP Senate primary, when she defeated GOP Rep. Mike Castle, a nine-term House member who had been favored to win. O’Donnell lost to Democrat Chris Coons, who now serves as Delaware’s junior senator.

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Fmr. President Clinton Drops One-Liners on Tea Party, Cell Phones

File photo. (ABC News)(BOSTON) -- His wife Hillary has remained squarely in the public eye since he left the Oval Office in 2000, but former President Bill Clinton has been fairly unplugged for the past 12 years – so unplugged, in fact, that he doesn’t even know how to use a cell phone.

During a keynote speech at the Global Business Travel Association Convention in Boston on Wednesday night, Clinton admitted that he hasn’t stayed on top of developments in technology since he left Washington. “I have a hard time keeping up,” the former president said. “I had to actually learn to text on that cell phone.

“That’s the extent of my technology involvement, even though I spent a fortune of your money when I was president trying to make sure America was in the lead in all the emerging technologies,” he joked.

Clinton also touted a message of compromise and cooperation during his speech, and even went so far as to say he feels sorry for Tea Party congressmen.

“I actually feel some sympathy for these Tea Party Republicans in the House of Representatives,” he said, acknowledging that the audience “may find that hard to believe.”

The former president cited the fickleness of voters as the reason for his empathy. “The sympathy I feel for them is this: They’re at 18 percent approval, and you just elected them two years ago. And all they’re doing is what they told you they were going to do when they ran,” Clinton said. “But we don’t pay attention to what people say they’re going to do. We pay attention to how we feel, and whether it would be good to make a change.”

Former President George W. Bush also spoke during the conference, which ran from July 22-25.

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Mourdock on Senate GOP: We’ll Change Leadership

Mourdock for Senate(WASHINGTON) -- If Richard Mourdock wins Indiana’s Senate race, he’ll join a group of conservative senators who have at times clashed with conference leaders.

Asked at a campaign event in April what he’d do if Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to force him in line with a less rigidly conservative agenda, Mourdock recounted a meeting with Sen. Jim DeMint, who became a power center in the Senate after backing 2010′s crop of conservative candidates, and who has been critical of McConnell.

“[DeMint] reached down, he’s a tall guy, and put a hand on either shoulder, and said, ‘Richard, you get me four or five more true conservatives, and we’ve just changed the leadership of the United States Senate,’” Mourdock said, recounting how he asked DeMint if it’s worth replacing one Republican with another.

“He said that doesn’t necessarily mean we even change the people, but you get me four or five more true conservatives, and we’ve just changed the way they’re gonna see things because of our numbers,” Mourdock said.

The following video was forwarded by a Democratic source:

Mourdock is challenging long-tenured Sen. Dick Lugar in a Republican primary Tuesday, and he’s often said he’s more frustrated with Republicans in Washington than with Democrats.

If Mourdock defeats Lugar, and goes onto beat Democratic Rep. Joe Donnelly in November, he’ll become the Senate’s latest tea partier, joining Kentucky’s Rand Paul, Utah’s Mike Lee, Florida’s Marco Rubio, Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson, and Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey, all of whom won in 2010 with backing from DeMint and his PAC, the Senate Conservatives Fund.

While neither DeMint, nor anyone else has shown interest in challenging McConnell, there were rumblings of private dissatisfaction over how GOP leaders handled the debt-limit fight last summer, and DeMint criticized McConnell’s strategy publicly. Other sources of tension: when Johnson ran for conference vice-chair, McConnell favored Missouri’s Roy Blunt, the freshman senator and former House GOP whip; and McConnell’s opposition to holding a vote on health-reform repeal.

Mourdock would be yet another ally for DeMint, shifting the Senate further to the right.

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Herman Cain, Tea Party Activists Rally Against ‘Obamacare’

Allison Shelley/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — Hundreds of Tea Party activists rallied in Washington on Saturday, demonstrating just days before the Supreme Court hears arguments on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. With the outline of the U.S. Capitol behind them, conservative organizers urged the judiciary to overturn the legislation and called for the defeat of President Obama in the November election.

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain was the keynote speaker at the event. Standing in a light rain, Cain told supporters he may not have survived his battle with cancer had he sought treatment under the new law.

“That’s what this is about,” Cain said. “The freedom to choose our own doctors. The freedom to choose our own health insurance plan.”

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli told the crowd the upcoming elections were their chance to restore the Constitution. His state is one of 26 challenging the Affordable Care Act through lawsuits in the high court.

“[President Obama] and this administration represent the greatest set of lawbreakers to ever run the federal government in our lifetimes,” Cuccinelli said. “The rule of law itself is at stake.”

Republican congressmen Louie Gohmert and Dan Benishek were also in attendance.

Opponents of the Affordable Care Act maintain it is unconstitutional for the federal government to force Americans into the marketplace to buy a product: in this case health insurance. Derisively labeling the act “Obamacare,” its critics also rail against perceived costs of the legislation for businesses or taxpayers, and what they say will be a downturn in quality of care.

Signed by President Obama two years ago, the law would not take full effect until 2014 if left unchallenged.

On Monday, the Supreme Court will begin three days of arguments over the fate of the law. As no cameras are allowed in the courtroom, people eager to see the deliberations firsthand have been camping outside the judiciary since Friday for their place in line.

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Tea Party Still Isn't Ready for Romney

JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Mitt Romney, Tea Party candidate?  Not so fast.

The Republican front-runner appeared to be on an easy path to the nomination the morning after his win in Illinois, when The Washington Times reported that an influential tea party group, Freedom Works, was ready to fall in line behind him, supposedly capping the months-long struggle Romney has endured to sway conservative voters.

Unfortunately for Romney, the report -- especially the headline -- wasn't totally right, and the tea party is showing no sign of uniting behind him, or any candidate for that matter.  Though the tea party remains a force in the GOP primary, it is a fractured group whose members have separate allegiances to all four candidates in their first presidential election as a movement.

"Finally, Romney Gets Tea Party Support" read the headline on the Times story, which quoted a FreedomWorks vice president as saying that "it is a statistical fact that the numbers favor Mitt Romney" and that "we are dedicated to defeating Obama and electing a conservative Senate that will help Romney repeal Obamacare and address the nation's economic and spending challenges."

FreedomWorks later clarified that the VP of the tea party organizing group, which boasts 1.6 million members, was merely talking about the state of the GOP race, and that Romney is the front-runner, fairly obviously.

"The headline was pretty misleading.  We're not backing Romney for president at all," said Jackie Bodnar, a FreedomWorks spokeswoman.

FreedomWorks had protested Romney at a tea party rally in New Hampshire over what it said were inaccurate comments Romney had made about his policies being consistent with tea party sentiment.  The protest earned FreedomWorks a reputation of opposing Romney's candidacy, though Bodnar said the group doesn't oppose him vehemently.

"I think we're all kind of united under getting a conservative Republican in the White House rather than President Obama," she said.  "But it's not an 'anything but Romney' thing."

Romney has improved his standing among the tea party, but still has trouble persuading strong conservatives that he's a better choice than his main rival, Rick Santorum, or even the third-place candidate, Newt Gingrich.

In Illinois Tuesday night, for example, Romney won the most voters who described themselves as tea party supporters, but only among those who said they backed the movement "somewhat."  Voters who said they strongly supported the tea party split their choice between Romney and Santorum.

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Sarah Palin Rocks CPAC, Takes Aim at Obama

Mark Wilson/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- The most resounding speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference came not from a presidential candidate, or an elected official -- but from Sarah Palin.

The screams and cheers that filled the spacious ballroom in which Palin spoke Saturday felt at times like they belonged at a Justin Bieber concert. A dozen times the conservatives at the conference leaped to their feet to applaud Palin, as she threw them line after line about beating President Obama and reclaiming “traditional values.”

“The president says small Americans, small-town Americans -- we bitterly cling to our religion and our guns,” Palin said, referring to a comment Obama made in the last election, as the audience rose and cheered. “You say, I say, we say -- keep your change. We’ll keep our God. We’ll keep our guns.”

For the first time at the three-day conference known as CPAC in Washington, protesters disrupted a speech. But the response from Palin’s loyal supporters was fierce. As protesters chanted at her from the back of the room at the Marriott, a man in the back row leaped over his chair, ran toward them and screamed, “Get the hell out of here."

The protesters were kicked out as others in the room began chanting “USA! USA!” followed quickly by “Sarah! Sarah!”

The GOP’s 2008 vice presidential nominee didn’t endorse a candidate for president, and she said that the drawn-out primary process can benefit the party -- as long as Republicans don’t turn on each other.

Palin, wearing a bright-red blouse, black skirt and heels, spent her time on the stage bashing both Obama and Washington. But for all the contempt she had for Obama, she borrowed liberally from his most famous statements.

Perhaps alluding to Obama’s famous red-state/blue-state speech from the 2004 Democratic convention, Palin said in one of her frequent rhyming lines that Americans aren’t “red” or “blue.” She concluded, as the conservatives rose to their feet again, “We’re red, white and blue, and President Obama, we are through with you.”

“Hope and change -- yeah, you’ve got to hope things change,” she added to laughs and more cheers.

Palin referred repeatedly to the tea party movement that has embraced her, and she demanded of the Republican establishment that conservative members of Congress be treated better.

“This November, we’re going to take back the Senate, and we’re going to fortify the House,” she said of tea party candidates. “We’ll elect more, and this time, establishment, we expect them to get leadership posts in Congress.”

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Tea Party Member Brings Gun to NYC Airport, Gets Arrested

Alex Wong/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Mark Meckler, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, was arrested at the Delta Airlines ticket counter at LaGuardia airport Thursday morning when he presented the ticket agent with a locked box containing a handgun and ammunition, the Queens District Attorney's office and Port Authority Police said.

Meckler, who was bound for Detroit, said that he had been in New York since Sunday, Dec. 11 and, while he did not have a New York permit, he carried the weapon with him as he receives "threats," the prosecutor's office said. The box contained a Glock 27 semi-automatic pistol and 19 rounds of nine millimeter ammunition.

According to the Port Authority, he was arrested shortly after 5:20 a.m. by police at the airport. Meckler is charged with a Class "C" Felony, which carries up to 15 years in prison. However, as he declared the gun and presented his other identification to the ticket agent he is not likely to face jail time, officials said.

"He had a misunderstanding of the law. He had a permit to carry in California," said Al Della Fave, a spokesman for the Port Authority Police. "They charged him with possession of a concealed weapon in the second degree."

Meckler was awaiting a court appearance Friday evening. Even under the law in New York you cannot legally carry ammunition in the same container as the weapon.

"Before leaving home, passengers should acquaint themselves with the weapon laws of the jurisdiction that they are visiting and comply with any and all legal requirements if they choose to travel with a weapon," District Attorney Dick Brown said. "Otherwise, they may find themselves being arrested and charged with a felony -- as is what occurred in this case."

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