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Congress to Probe Peace Corps Rape Allegations

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images/ PeaceCorps [dot] gov(WASHINGTON) -- Republican lawmakers said Thursday they will conduct hearings into allegations that women who worked for the Peace Corps were routinely raped and sexually assaulted, then given little help by the agency to deal with the trauma.

The planned hearings were spurred by an ABC News-20/20 investigation into accusations of over one thousand American women who were raped and attacked over the past ten years.

The 20/20 report featured interviews with some of the women who claimed to have been brutalized while working for the Peace Corps in foreign countries.  They said the agency's culture is one that blames the victim, often asking them what they did to cause the attacks.

Congressman Ted Poe of Texas expressed both fury and sadness after having watched the 20/20 report and called for a hearing.

Vowing to be an advocate for the women, Poe said, "The Peace Corps needs to get its act together and make sure the victims of rape have peace of mind when they are serving the United States."´╗┐

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Rep. Poe: No Room for Politics in Giffords Aftermath

Photo Courtesy - Poe dot House dot gov(WASHINGTON) -- On a somber day on Capitol Hill, the political discussion turned to the role of politics in the aftermath of Rep. Gabriel Giffords’ shooting.

ABC News Wednesday asked Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas -- a friend of Giffords -- about Sen. Bernie Sanders’, I-Vt., fundraising appeal based on the shooting, and Sarah Palin’s video released to respond to criticism of her rhetoric.

“I don't think anyone should use this as an opportunity to promote some political agenda,” Poe told us about the Sanders fundraising e-mail. “We have to remember two things: That Gabby Giffords and the others are victims of a crime and the person responsible is the shooter and he and he alone should be held accountable. He should have a quick, swift, and speedy trial, and his punishment should be severe if he's found guilty. And anyone that tries to diminish that I think is probably not using wisdom.”

“We have a responsibility to lead and set the tone for civility and continue to talk about issues and not people, talk about policy and not personalities and personal attacks on each other,” Poe added.

Asked about Palin’s video, Poe responded, “My opinion is the discussion -- the discussion should be about what happened and the person who committed the crime. We should not be deterred and make an assault on the Constitution and the First Amendment particularly because of this event…”

“So, it's not the speech, it’s not what's taken place, it’s not the positions people take -- it is the actor that should be held totally accountable for his crimes.”

And Poe rejected suggestions that the incident in Tucson should be used to justify tighter gun laws.

“It was not the weapon that we hold accountable. Under our system we hold the shooter accountable for his conduct. And I think very strongly that that's where our focus should be,” he said.

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