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Trump, Gingrich to Create 'Apprentice'-Style Program for Poor School Kids

Spencer Platt/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Donald Trump may not have officially endorsed Newt Gingrich’s presidential bid, but the billionaire businessman gave his hat tip of approval to Gingrich’s plan to put poor schoolchildren to work.

Gingrich, who found himself in hot water last month for saying America’s child labor laws are “truly stupid,” called on Trump to create an Apprentice-style program for 10 inner-city New York children to teach them about “work ethic.”

“We’re going to be picking 10, young, wonderful children, and we’re going to make them ‘apprenti,’” Trump said after a high-profile meeting with Gingrich on Monday. “We’re going to have a little fun with it, and I think it’s going to be something that is really going to prove results. But it was Newt’s idea, and I think it’s a great idea.”

While it is unclear if the program will run as a reality TV show, like Trump’s NBC show The Apprentice, Gingrich said the program is intended to give students “an opportunity to earn money, and get them into a habit of showing up and realizing that hard work gets rewarded.”

Gingrich, the current GOP frontrunner, has been a target of fierce attacks from unions and liberal commentators after he said poor school districts should fire unionized janitors and replace them with schoolchildren.

“Young children who are poor ought to learn how to go to work,” he said, defending his stance in an interview with ABC’s Jake Tapper last week. “What I’ve said is, for example, it would be great if inner city schools and poor neighborhood schools actually hired the children to do things. Some of the things they could do is work in the library, work in the front office. Some of them frankly, could be janitorial.”

Gingrich was the latest GOP presidential candidate to meet with Trump in hope of winning his highly coveted endorsement. Trump said he will not make an endorsement until after Dec. 27, when he plans to moderate a Republican debate hosted by Newsmax.

So far Gingrich is the only candidate who has agreed to attend the Trump-moderated debate. Both Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman have said they will not attend.

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Donald Trump Back in the 2012 Race?

Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Perhaps Donald Trump didn't really bow out after all.

The billionaire business mogul phoned into Fox News' Fox & Friends Monday to lament the state of the Republican field. He took issue with Mike Huckabee exiting the race, saying he's sure Huckabee could win and he's still sure he himself could have won.

Trump refused to rule out a late entry into the Republican presidential field.

"Who knows if I did the right thing," he said. "I am not seeing a lot out of the Republican candidates."

Asked if there's any chance he'll jump in later in the race, Trump replied, "I can't rule out anything...[It's] vital that we choose the right person, and at this moment, I don't see that person."

Michael Cohen, an executive at the Trump Organization who doubles as Trump's chief political adviser, told ABC News, "The statement speaks for itself and Mr. Trump has no additional comment at this time."

On May 8, Trump squashed speculation about his potential candidacy, saying in a statement that he "decided not to pursue the office of the presidency" and was "not ready to leave the private sector." In typical Trump fashion, he pushed his potential political career aside with bravado, saying "I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and ultimately, the general election."

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