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Sarah Palin Again Blasts Media for 'Making Things Up'

Allison Shelley/Getty Images(WASILA, Alaska) -- In a Facebook post Wednesday, Sarah Palin continued to promote The Undefeated and once again accused the media of "making things up."

Palin chastised the U.K.'s Daily Mail for reports that she was "in tears" at the Pella, Iowa, premiere of The Undefeated last week because of the stars that criticize her in the film. To drive home the point that she was, in fact, ecstatic about the documentary, she posted a link to a nearly eight-minute-long video of her thanking the filmmakers and her supporters that was shot immediately after the screening.

Palin also suggested that the mainstream media see the documentary so that it can "learn the facts many of you have failed to report for the last three years" regarding her Alaska governorship.

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Sarah Palin Plays Coy at Pella Premiere of 'The Undefeated'

Mark Wilson/Getty Images(PELLA, Iowa) -- Outside of Iowa's Pella Opera House before the premiere of the documentary about her, Sarah Palin played coy Tuesday about her presidential ambitions and elaborated little on Bristol Palin's statement Tuesday that her mother had made up her mind.

"What exactly did Bristol say?" Palin said when asked about her daughter's Fox & Friends appearance Tuesday morning in which Bristol said her mother "definitely" knows whether she will run or not. "I texted Bristol, I said, 'What did you say this morning, honey?'

"What I told Bristol, too, I said, 'What is talked about on the fishing boat stays on the fishing boat,'" she said.

Palin added that while she met with "a couple of folks who are volunteers with a lot of different Republican causes" in Iowa Tuesday, she is not "ready to announce anything yet" regarding a potential candidacy.

More than a hundred fans thronged the Pella Opera House, where The Undefeated, which chronicles Palin's life and political rise, premiered Tuesday evening. Palin told her Iowa fans that should she run, she would be committed to the Iowa caucus process, even though she has yet to meet with key operatives in the state.

When asked if she would commit to Iowa, Palin said, "110 percent" and added she'd do "as much as I can to garner that support. It's necessary."

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Sarah Palin Documentary Debuts amidst Speculation-Fueled Frenzy

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images(PELLA, Iowa) -- The new documentary about Sarah Palin has yet to debut, and already it's caused more of a stir than most Hollywood summer blockbusters.

Ahead of Tuesday's premiere of The Undefeated, reports swirled that the former Alaska governor and her aides were inviting prominent Republicans in the key Hawkeye State to meet with Palin after the screening at the Pella Opera House.  Those reports, originally circulated by the blog Politico, were shot down late Monday by Republican operatives and Palin's political action committee.

A top Republican operative in Iowa told ABC News that "not only have I not heard from Gov. Palin regarding meetings, I am unaware of anyone who has been contacted regarding private meetings."

In an interview, former Iowa GOP executive director and prominent conservative Chuck Laudner told Politico that a "Palin backer" contacted him about attending a mingling session after the film.  Palin is slated to attend a cookout near the Pella Opera House after Tuesday evening's screening.

Politico posted the story under the headline "Sarah Palin team reaching out to Iowa activists for meetings."

In an interview with ABC News on Monday afternoon, Laudner called the headline "a lie" adding, "I never indicated that."

"I was on a general list for the gathering in the park," he said.  "I'm not going now, after all this."

Several other prominent GOP activists also told Real Clear Politics that they had not been contacted regarding potential sit-downs with Palin while she is visiting the important early nominating state.

A statement released by SarahPAC late Monday dismissed the Republican rendezvous reports, saying Palin "looks forward to spending time tomorrow with the people of Pella, Iowa and enjoying the premiere of Stephen K. Bannon's new film, The Undefeated."

A cinematic love letter of sorts, The Undefeated chronicles Palin's life and rise through government, portraying her as a crusader against politics-as-usual, a true "maverick" as she and Sen. John McCain branded themselves in the 2008 election.

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Sarah Palin's Documentary to Go Nationwide July 15

ABC/ADAM TAYLOR(NEW YORK) -- Sarah Palin's documentary is coming soon to a theater near you.

ARC Entertainment, the publicity firm behind The Undefeated, announced Friday that the film that chronicles Palin's curtailed term as governor of Alaska, will open in AMC theaters across the country on July 15. Cities and regions featuring The Undefeated include Dallas, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Fla., Atlanta, Orange County, Calif., Phoenix, Houston, Indianapolis, and Kansas City.

In a statement released by ARC, a co-founder of the production company behind the film compared The Undefeated to the Rocky movies, with Palin filling in for the fist-swinging Sylvester Stallone.

"We are thrilled that AMC will give The Undefeated a national theatrical release this summer," said Victory Film Group co-founder Glenn Bracken Evans. "The documentary is made to be seen on a big screen. With its story of a small-town girl who, against all odds, rises to the pinnacles of American government, the film plays with all the drama of a Rocky picture, only with a woman as the central figure and with politics instead of boxing."

Select media organizations, including ABC News, have screened the two-hour-long film. In addition to chronicling Palin's growing up and governorship, it features soundbites from her critics and gruesome video, including war footage and a scene in which a pack of lions hunts down and devours a zebra. Filmmaker Stephen Bannon called it an "amazing American story of American grit." He told reporters he aims to "drive a stake in the heart of 'Caribou Barbie,'" and portray Palin as equally smart and savvy as the best politicians.

The Undefeated will face tough competition opening July 15 -- it's the same day that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II comes out. But AMC, which operates 24 of the 50 highest-grossing theatres in the country, stands behind their gamble.

"AMC is committed to providing distinct content to diverse audiences across the United States," Nikkole Denson-Randolph, AMC's vice president of specialty and alternative content, said in ARC's press release. "We are proud to consistently offer a wide variety of product to our guests."

The Undefeated may undergo major edits before it hits theaters. reported Thursday that the film's more graphic content -- including profanity, mostly from interviews with Palin's celebrity detractors -- will likely be removed to allow a final cut to receive a more family-friendly PG-13 rating.

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