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Rick Perry: Time to Run for President, New Website Says

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Add the website to the list of grassroots efforts pushing Rick Perry to run in 2012.

Dan Hopkins, president and founder of Segmented Media, a conservative digital media group based in Washington, D.C., developed the idea for the website with a friend after evaluating the current political landscape and seeing an opening for the Texas governor.

“We heard that Perry was considering a run for the White House, and so we thought that Perry is a leader, and we thought that Perry has a good track record, and it’s somebody we could get behind,” Hopkins told ABC News.  “We thought of coming up with an online grassroots movement to garner some more excitement about him and give people an opportunity to encourage him to run.”

The website features a video highlighting clips of Perry speaking to crowds and encourages visitors to “Tell Rick It’s Time.”  Since the website’s launch Wednesday, Hopkins said several hundred have signed the petition urging Perry to run and the company’s current server load indicates more than 20,000 hits.  

“Rick Perry doesn’t need our help.  Right now he seems to be hotter than a Texas summer,” Hopkins said. “The excitement’s about him, but I’m just glad we were able to produce a video that seems to capture what people are hoping for and looking for.”

Hopkins plans to expand the website and leverage social media to reel in supporters for a potential Perry bid.

The group has had no contact with Gov. Perry himself or Americans for Rick Perry, another grassroots effort promoting the Texas governor.

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