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Rep. Price: Medicare Push Not 'Smart Thing Politically,' But 'Right Thing to Do'

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- Republican House leaders are continuing to stand by House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan, even as Democrats vow to make it an issue in races nationwide next year.

Asked if voting for the plan was a mistake, Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., said on ABC’s Top Line webcast Tuesday that he doesn’t think it was a mistake to support major changes to a program that’s on a track toward bankruptcy.

“What the American people want and understand is that we've got to have something different than business as usual,” said Price, who serves on the House Ways and Means and the Budget committees.

Asked about Democratic attacks, he said: “I think they'll try....But we didn't do this because it was the smart thing politically to do -- we did it because it’s the right thing to do. And it’s the right thing because the American people understand that you just can't keep doing this craziness up here in Washington.”

Price defended Tuesday’s vote on raising the debt limit -- even though all involved realize the vote will fall far short -- to “demonstrate to the president” that Congress does not support a higher debt ceiling without corresponding budget cuts.

And Price had kind words for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, whose odd bus tour of the East Coast is drawing widespread media attention.

“I don't think she’s the one that dictates how much political oxygen is sucked up because of her activities.  I'll tell ya, anybody that’s out there energizing the American people is positive.”

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GOP Weekly Address: Rep. Price on Washington's 'So-Called Budget Battle'

Photo Courtesy - TomPrice dot House dot gov(WASHINGTON) -- In the weekly Republican Address, Congressman Tom Price, R-Ga., said lawmakers' focus should be on "creating jobs and getting our economy moving again," pointing to the "so-called budget battle" going on in Washington. 

Price, who is also a member of the House Budget Committee, criticized President Obama saying that he has not delivered on his promise that this year would be the year that he would seriously address the deficits and debt hurting the U.S. economy.  Price said that instead, the president "started out by asking Congress to raise the debt limit, without any commitment to cutting spending at the same time." 

Price also indicated that Obama's proposed budget for the next fiscal year was contradictory to statements the president made about stimulus spending during his State of the Union address last month.

"In his State of the Union Address, he called for more effective 'stimulus' spending.  And this week he submitted a budget for the next fiscal year that destroys jobs by spending too much, and borrowing too much and taxing too much," Price said about Obama in the weekly address.

Price echoed what many Republicans have said during recent weeks that the key to boosting economic confidence and investment is to "end Washington's spending binge."  He added that the House majority is working hard in support of their "reform-minded" colleagues in the Senate to cut federal spending.

"That's why the House spent this past week working on a bill to cut discretionary spending by $100 billion over the last seven months of the current fiscal year," he said.  "We're not only living up to our Pledge to America, we're exceeding it.  And more cuts and more reforms are on the way."

Price emphasized the House's plan to cut "wasteful mandatory spending," and said that work will begin soon on legislation to get the job done.

Congressman Price said to look forward to a new budget proposal this spring for the next fiscal year that will "offer ideas for real entitlement reform," an issue that many Republicans have knocked President Obama for not addressing in his budget in recent days.

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