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Santorum Cancels Morning Events After Daughter's Hospital Discharge

Jeff Swensen/Getty Images(PITTSBURGH) -- Rick Santorum’s 3-year-old daughter, Bella, was discharged from the hospital Monday night, but his campaign has canceled two morning events in Pennsylvania to allow the family to help Bella settle in at home.

“Rick and Karen are happy to announce that their daughter, Bella, has been discharged from the hospital and returned home earlier Monday evening,” Hogan Gidley, national communications director for Santorum, said in a statement.  “The Santorum’s are truly overwhelmed by the prayers and support they’ve received.”

The campaign canceled two stops in Bedford and Carlisle Tuesday morning, but added an event in Gettysburg to make up for the cancellations.  Santorum will speak at the “American Heartland Conversation on Faith, Family and American Values” in Lancaster Tuesday evening, as planned.

Bella, who suffers from Trisomy 18, was admitted to the hospital last Friday, and Santorum cancelled all campaign-related events on Monday to spend more time with her. 

The Santorum family also took Bella to the hospital in January when she contracted double pneumonia in her lungs.

Trisomy 18 is a rare, genetic condition that kills about 90 percent of children before or during birth.´╗┐

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Rick Santorum's Daughter, Bella, Admitted to Hospital

File photo. iStockphoto/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- Bella Santorum, the youngest daughter of Rick Santorum, has returned to the hospital.

“Rick and his wife Karen have taken their daughter Bella to the hospital,” Santorum spokesman Hogan Gidley said in a written statement. “The family requests prayers and privacy as Bella works her way to recovery.”

Bella Santorum suffers from Trisomy 18, a rare, but serious genetic condition thatkills about 90 percent of affected children before or during birth. Bella has defied those odds at 3-years-old.

She was also admitted to the hospital in January with pneumonia and Santorum briefly suspended campaigning. But according to Santorum, Bella had a “miraculous turnaround” in January.

There is not currently any indication what sent Bella to the hospital this time around.

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Santorums Admit Youngest Daughter to Hospital

AFP/Getty Images(DELRAY BEACH, Fla.) -- Rick Santorum and his wife Karen admitted their youngest daughter, Bella, to a Philadelphia hospital Saturday night.

The 3-year-old suffers from the rare, but serious genetic condition Trisomy 18, which kills about 90 percent of children before or during birth.

The campaign did not immediately know how serious Bella’s condition is, but Hogan Gidley, Santorum Communications Director told ABC News “even a cold is not a good thing.” She’s been admitted to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The former Pennsylvania senator often talks about his daughter on the campaign trail. He says Bella did have multiple hospital visits her first year, including an incident so serious that Karen, a former neo-natal nurse, was able to intervene and perform CPR on Bella and rush her to the hospital in time.

Santorum said that was the last time Bella was in the hospital, a point of pride that usually brings down the house when he tells audiences on the trail.

The Santorums also tell the story of when Bella was first born, because of the gravity of her condition, they would have birthday parties daily, then weekly for Bella as she got better, to celebrate her life.

For the first time since Christmas Day, Santorum was not campaigning today, instead returning to his home state of Pennsylvania for a fundraiser Friday night. He was supposed to have another fundraiser this evening in Virginia, where he now lives with his family. He was also planning on retrieving his tax returns from his home computer in Virginia on Saturday.

The campaign has canceled Santorum’s appearance at a Miami church Sunday morning.

“Rick intends to return to Florida and resume the campaign schedule as soon as is possible,” Gidley said in a statement.

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Santorum: Ill Daughter Inspires Him to Stay the Course

Rick Santorum For President(WASHINGTON) -- Despite having a terminally ill child at home and performing dismally in the polls, GOP contender Rick Santorum, one of the field’s most conservative candidates, says he’ll remain in the race to send voters a message about the sanctity of life.

Santorum told ABC’s Christiane Amanpour that part of being a good father to his 3-year-old daughter Isabella, diagnosed with the genetic disorder Trisomy 18, is staying on the trail.

“I don’t worry about the polls, I worry about what I’m trying to do to be the best father and husband I can be,” Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator, said Sunday. “And obviously a big part of that is making sure that we have a country that respects her life and a country that is free and safe and prosperous for all of my children.”

He said: "...I just felt like, given this is really, I believe, the most critical election in the history of the country, that I had to step up and make sacrifices, like everybody does, to make our country a better country."

Santorum, has seven children. Isabella, whom the family calls Bella or “Boo,” is the youngest. Half of all children diagnosed with Trisomy 18 carried to term die at birth, only about 1 percent live to be 10 years old, and fewer older than that.

“She’s an absolute joy,” Santorum said of the girl. “She’s really the center of our lives. And we feel so blessed to have her.”

Santorum has talked about his daughter before, fighting back tears at presidential forum last month in Iowa.

Santorum said he was the candidate who most reflected the importance the Republican Party has traditionally run on social issues, and slammed current front runner former Speaker Newt Gingrich for lacking “character.”

He also compared himself to Gingrich in their personal lives. Gingrich has been twice divorced and is on his third marriage.

“I think character is definitely an issue. You know, I think they have to make a decision based upon the person’s entire record. And certainly character counts,” Santorum said.

"I have been married 21 years. I have seven children, that’s a factor that people are going to look at and should look at when it comes to the person you’re going to have to lead the country,” he said.

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