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Typo Delays Signing of Bill Ending Air Traffic Controller Furloughs

iStockphoto(WASHINGTON) -- Legislators were quick to pass a bill this week that ends furloughs for air traffic controllers in response to the numerous flight delays their absence caused. However, it seems they may have been a little too hasty, as the signing of the bill has been delayed due to a typo in the bill’s text.

According to a senior White House official, President Obama was prepared to sign the bill on Saturday morning, but now must wait until Tuesday because a spelling error in the bill must first be corrected.

It’s unclear when exactly the air traffic controller furloughs and flight delays will end.

Republican Rep. Aaron Schock says that lawmakers are working hard to fix the mess.

“Look, we drive on the same roads as the tax payers, we stand in the same TSA lines as our fellow tax payers so I don't think this is anything other than trying to do what's best for our constituents,” Schock said.

There are some who aren’t happy with the bill for reasons bigger than a typo. Democratic Congressman Chris Van Hollen doesn’t like that the legislation seems to claim that airline travelers deserve special treatment compared to others affected by the sequester.

“Sometimes the problems of the most politically strong and well connected groups get addressed but the folks that get left behind are the kids on Head Start programs, their seniors on Meals on Wheels,” Van Hollen said.

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New Perry Video Highlights Candidate's High Points; Contains Typo

ABC News(AUSTIN, Texas) -- In a new video released only on the web, Rick Perry’s campaign highlights his debate performance from Saturday as an indicator that he is gaining “momentum.”

The nearly two minute video, titled “Momentum,” strings together clips of some of Perry’s strongest moments from the ABC News debate, including a moment where he hits opponents Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich for the individual mandate, while also featuring commentary by pundits and journalists lauding his performance.

“I think he’s having something of a resurgence in Iowa,” Fox News’ Chris Wallace says as images of horses galloping through a field appears across the screen before switching to video of Perry sitting in front of a bale of hay on the bed of a truck.

Text appears across the screen citing Tim Albrecht, director of communications for Governor Branstad, who said during ABC News’ debate cover that Perry had his “strongest performance yet.”

But while the web spot features some of Perry’s more eloquent moments, the initial video has a small glitch of its own.  Around the 0:28 second mark, texts appears across the screen that misspells the word “Strengthen.

“Poll: Gingrich Fails, Perry Stengthens in Iowa,” the text reads quoting a Washington Examiner headline from Monday.

The Perry campaign says they are fixing the typo.

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