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Wisconsin Fury Spreads As Protests Hit California, DC, New York

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Americans gathered by the thousands Saturday – from San Francisco to Washington, D.C., to New York – in a show of solidarity with their Wisconsin union counterparts whose battle against Gov. Scott Walker raged on for a 12th straight day.

Demonstrators in Wisconsin are fighting the governor’s efforts to strip them of collective bargaining rights; it was their rallying that sparked the nationwide call to action.

Union members believe that they’re under attack, faced with Republican-backed legislation in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and New Jersey that that would slash bargaining rights and benefits for unionized state workers.

The union firestorm in Wisconsin was front and center at Saturday’s meeting of the nation's governors in Washington, where Republican governors blamed that state's Democrats for creating the problem.

"I believe that it's despicable that we have elected officials that have left their states in order to not be on the record and do the job that they were elected for,” said Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.

Nearly a dozen states are considering cutting union powers. They say they can't afford those pensions and health benefits any longer.

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Sarah Palin Wades Into Wisconsin Budget Debate

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Sarah Palin waded into the Wisconsin budget debate Friday night with a Facebook posting that called on public employee union members to break away from their leadership.

"You don’t have to kowtow to the union bosses who are not looking out for you, but instead are using you," wrote Palin.

"Wisconsin union bosses want union members out in the streets demanding that taxpayers foot the bill for unsustainable benefits packages.”

As recently as Thursday in an appearance before the Long Island Association in Woodbury, N.Y., Palin declared "a pension is a promise" and that benefits should not be cut for retirees and older workers who have been paying into the programs. However, she has said that younger workers should be willing to sacrifice.

On Facebook, Palin noted that her family has union connections -- her father was a longtime science teacher in Alaska -- and said that union members are "doing themselves no favor" by "closing down classrooms and abandoning children’s needs in protest against the sort of belt-tightening that people everywhere are going through. Union brothers and sisters: this is the wrong fight at the wrong time."

She called on the union members to "sacrifice and carry our share of the burden. It does no one any favors to dismiss the sacrifices others have already had to make -- in wage cuts, unpaid vacations, and even job losses—to weather our economic storm."

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