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Emails Show Palin Struggled to Deal with Negative Press

Andrew Burton/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Sarah Palin was eyeing the vice presidential nomination months before John McCain made her the official pick, but as media and public attention on her grew, she struggled with the negative press and emails she received.

That is part of the picture emerging from the more than 24,000 pages of emails released from Palin's time as governor of Alaska.

The content of the emails ranges from state business to questions of haircuts, elation over her vice presidential nomination to surprise at how fast she was catapult onto the national stage, and, in some of the most revealing messages, personal distress about the negative media that surrounded her.

Shortly before being named McCain's running mate in August 2008, Palin expressed her desire to focus on Alaska and view that the GOP was unsupportive, telling her staff, "Our time and effort will continue to be spent on serving Alaskans, not party politics."

A few weeks later, she was singing a different tune, when McCain announced her as the other half of his presidential ballot. "Can you believe it?" Palin wrote in an email, "He told me yesterday -- it moved fast!"

She found herself, and her family, in the international spotlight. Palin's political and personal life became the focus of intense scrutiny. Press secretary Bill McAllister emailed Palin about media inquiries about rape kits, tanning beds and her "belief that dinosaurs and humans co-existed at one time?" He ended his email by saying, "I continue to be dismayed at the media."

"Arghhh! I am so sorry that the office is swamped like this! Dinosaurs even?! I'll try to run through some of these in my head before responding," Palin wrote. "And the old, used tanning bed that my girls have used a handful of times in Juneau? Yes, we paid for it ourselves. I, too, will continue to be dismayed at the media."

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