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WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Dancing Queen at Barney Frank’s Wedding

Win McNamee/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is known for her ability to work the House floor for votes on legislation, but it is her moves on the dance floor at Rep. Barney Frank’s wedding reception last weekend that’s drawing attention now — on Youtube.

Video from a cellphone shows Pelosi swaying and twirling with Frank’s best man, Terry Bean, to ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man” Saturday, at Frank and longtime partner Jim Ready’s wedding reception in Newton, Mass.  

The nuptials make Frank, who is retiring from Congress when his term ends in January, the first sitting congressman to enter into a same-sex marriage.

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‘Obama Girl’ Is Back, but Her Crush Has Faded

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- The Obama Girl is back, but the sexy, singing YouTube sensation who had "a crush on Obama" in 2008 is less smitten with President Obama than she was with candidate Obama.

Amber Lee Ettinger, the actress who plays Obama Girl, teamed up with Iman Crosson, the actor who plays YouTube's foremost Obama impersonator, Alphacat, for a Grease-themed video in which the president tries to woo back his old online crusher.

The song-and-dance number is a parody of the Grease tune "You're The One That I Want."

"You better step up, because I need that man, if my old crush on you was true," Obama Girl sings in front of a tie-dyed background before asking, "You want our vote?"

To which Obama, aka Alphacat, responds: "I'ma want your vote. ... So much left, so much left of me to do."

This is the second YouTube video Ettinger has put out this election, but neither of them has come close to the viral popularity of her 2008 "I've Got A Crush On Obama" video, which has more than 24 million views on YouTube.

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Perry Says Alcohol, Painkillers Not Involved in Speech that Went Viral

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images(SAN FRANCISCO) -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry is defending a speech he delivered in New Hampshire last Friday, which spurred speculation about what prompted his animated performance: He told the San Francisco Chronicle it was a “pretty typical speech” and, for the first time, said he did not take painkillers or drink alcohol prior to stepping on the stage.

“No. I was just giving a speech,” Perry said in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle.

Perry, who underwent spinal fusion surgery in early July, said in the interview that he did not take pain medication or any other substance before speaking at the Cornerstone Action Dinner in Manchester, N.H., on Friday.

On Monday night, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart parodied the Texas governor’s lively speech, suggesting he was drinking prior to the event.

“It wasn’t that either,” Perry laughed as he spoke with the Chronicle. "It’s not that I wouldn’t love to sit down with Jon and have a glass of wine -- if he’ll buy.”

A YouTube compilation of sound bites from Perry’s speech Friday went viral over the weekend, causing some to raise questions about Perry’s state when he spoke to the crowd of New Hampshire social conservatives.

“I’ve probably given 1,000 speeches. There are some that have been probably boring, some that have been animated, some that have been in between,” Perry said.

“Ask the people who were there,” he said, “not some political opponent who has put a video up. The people there were responding to the speech...clapping at all the right places -- and there was a standing ovation at the end.”

On Tuesday, a host of the event rose to Perry’s defense and said the Texas governor did not have a sip of alcohol at the event.

“I can tell you unequivocally he wasn’t drinking at the event and he hadn’t been drinking prior to the event,” Kevin Smith, the executive director of Cornerstone Action, told The Hill. “I was sitting with him, and I found him to be very engaging with all of the people he was talking with, he was very articulate.”

Perry told reporters in Iowa Tuesday that he “felt good, felt great” during the speech that he said was well received by the crowd.

The viral video of Perry’s speech has swept across news websites and run on cable news outlets for the past few days, but Perry acknowledged “the world’s changed, with YouTube and everything,” deepening the pressures of a presidential race.

“And I get it, that’s cool,” Perry told the Chronicle. “It’s not my first rodeo.”

“The American people are not confused about what is on their minds. And it’s not whether some political operative takes a video and puts it up on YouTube.”

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Rick Perry Video Goes Viral

Toni Sandys/The Washington Post(MANCHESTER, N.H.) -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry has gotten some attention that sent him viral. A YouTube video of his most animated speech of the campaign had posted more than 410,000 hits by this morning

Perry delivered the lively speech at the Cornerstone Action Dinner in Manchester, N.H., where he talked about the similarities in the states’ slogans and even poked a little fun at opponent Herman Cain.

“This is such a cool state. I mean come on. ‘Live free or die.’ You got to love that right?” Perry said Friday.

“I come from a state you know where they have this little place called the Alamo and they declared, ‘Victory or death.’ We’re kind of into those slogans: ‘Live free or die.’ ‘Victory or death.’ Bring it.

“That plan I just shared with you doesn’t force the Granite State to expand your tax footprint if you know what I mean, like 9 percent expansion,” Perry, 61, said to laughter. “I love Herman, is he the best? I just try to have fun with him. He’s a great and interesting guy. And thank you Herman for helping pay for the event tonight.”

Posted Saturday, the video received nearly 90,000 hits by Monday morning. It was touted by FOX News as a “must watch” video and featured on the website Gawker.

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