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Family Business? Chelsea Clinton Leaves Door Open to Running for Office

Samir Hussein/Getty Images for Clinton Foundation Fundraiser(NEW YORK) -- Chelsea Clinton may follow in her parents’ footsteps after all. After years of shooting down rumors that she may run for office, the 32-year-old Clinton left the door open to having another Clinton on the electoral ballots.

"Before my mom’s campaign I would have said no," Clinton said in an interview published in the latest issue of Vogue magazine. “And now I don’t know..."

"If there were to be a point where it was something I felt called to do and I didn’t think there was someone who was sufficiently committed to building a healthier, more just, more equitable, more productive world?” Clinton continued. “Then that would be a question I’d have to ask and answer."

Clinton, who married investment banker Mark Mezvinsky in 2010, said that after the media circus surrounding her wedding, she realized that her celebrity was either “something I could continue to ignore or it was something I could try to use to highlight causes that I really cared about,” she told Vogue.

"Historically I deliberately tried to lead a private life in the public eye," she said. "And now I am trying to lead a purposefully public life."

The only daughter of former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said people have been pestering her about running for office her entire life.

"It was something I had thought a lot about because people have been asking me that my whole life," Clinton said. "Even during my father’s 1984 gubernatorial campaign, it was, 'Do you want to grow up and be governor one day?' No. I am four."

At her age, Bill Clinton already held public office, serving as Arkansas attorney general from age 31. But it was not until age 54 that her mom first stepped into elected office as a U.S. senator.

"I believe that there are many ways for each of us to play our part,” Clinton told Vogue. “For a very long time that’s what my mom did. And then she went into elected public life. Her life is a testament to the principle that there are many ways to serve."

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“Vogue” Editor Eyeing Ambassador Job?

GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Anna Wintour is stepping up her political game, raising questions whether she will be stepping into a diplomatic role as well.

Britain’s Guardian newspaper wrote on Sunday that the Vogue editor, who has raised a half-million dollars for President Obama, is the subject of speculation that she might be angling to be the American ambassador to Britain.

A Vogue spokesperson speaking on background told ABC News that the rumors are just that, rumors, and that Wintour is perfectly happy being the U.S. editor of the influential fashion magazine. Wintour is well aware of the speculation, the spokesperson said.

The Obama administration did not immediately respond to a request to comment on Wintour’s donations and the possibility of a job in the administration.

Obama promised to end politics-as-usual in Washington, but trading ambassadorships for campaign fundraising is one aspect of Washington politics that has not changed.

The current U.S. ambassador to England, Louis Susman, was a fundraising machine for Obama’s 2008 run. In April, Obama nominated Timothy Broas, who also raised more than a half-million dollars for Obama, to be the next ambassador to the Netherlands. Last year, iWatch News reported that many of the so-called bundlers who funneled millions of dollars to Obama in 2008 have been rewarded with nice jobs and access, like the telecommunications executive Donald Gips who became the ambassador to South Africa.

Before his 2008 election, Obama spoke out against the practice of wealthy donors being rewarded with prestigious ambassadorships.  In early 2007, the candidate derided special interests who he said “turned our government into a game only they can afford to play.”

“They write the checks and you get stuck with the bill. They get the access while you get to write a letter. They think they own this government, but we’re here today to take it back,” he said.

This week, Wintour will campaign for Obama in Chicago with David Bowie’s wife.

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Nikki Haley in "Vogue": I’m a Governor, Not a Vice President

Office of the Governor(WASHINGTON) -- Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina posed for Vogue’s latest issue in what could be read as a profile-boosting bid as Mitt Romney chooses a running mate. Or maybe the Tea Party favorite simply couldn’t resist the treatment that had famously been given to political women before her, including Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.

As a supporter of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Haley has campaigned for Romney and is seen by the establishment GOP as a surrogate who can whip conservative voters who might have been skeptical of the front-runner during the primary.

That role and the fact she’s a woman have led to speculation that Romney might want her on the ticket with him.

“People ask the question, ‘If you’re offered VP, would you take it?’” Haley told the magazine. “No, I won’t take it. I’m not going to leave the people that just gave me this chance.”

Despite her answer, the political class in Haley’s state seems to think she has bigger ambitions. Vogue reports that a South Carolina legislator who grew angry in a meeting with Haley asked her whether she would still be in her job long enough to see her agenda enacted, implying that she had her eyes on the vice presidency.

Haley, according to the magazine, told the lawmaker “that she is in South Carolina to stay.”

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