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Senate Moves to Turn Down Volume on TV Ads

Image Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- This fall, the Senate couldn’t get anything done on tax cuts, energy, immigration, gays in the military, campaign finance reform, or outsourcing jobs, but it did take a step to turn down the volume on noisy television commercials. The Senate on Wednesday passed by unanimous consent a bill that would require the FCC to regulate the volume of TV commercials that can be many times louder than the TV program itself.

“Every American has likely experienced the frustration of abrasively loud television commercials,” the bill’s sponsor Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island said in a statement. “While this may be an effective way for ads to grab attention, it also adds unnecessary stress to the daily lives of many Americans.

The bill, called the CALM Act, will now move on to the House, which passed similar legislation last December. If minor differences between the two measures can be ironed out, a final bill could be sent to President Obama during Congress lame-duck session in November.

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