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Santorum Campaign to Highlight Romney Evolution on Blind Trust Issue

Scott Olson/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Rick Santorum’s campaign has opened up a new line of attack against Mitt Romney, pointing out his evolution on the issue of how wealthy politicians should treat their money.

Santorum’s campaign plans to highlight and distribute a video – a clip of Mitt Romney in 1994 attacking Sen. Edward Kennedy for hiding behind a blind trust to avoid questions about his investments.

At the time, Romney described a blind trust as an “age-old ruse… You can always tell a blind trust what it can and cannot do,” Romney told reporters in 1994 as he was challenging Kennedy in a race for senate.

Romney, who is worth an estimated $250 million, has since adopted a blind trust to oversee his investments, although some of the investments have not been without controversy.

This latest effort by Santorum’s campaign shows they are not yet ready to coalesce behind Romney as the eventual nominee, despite calls from Republican Party leaders ranging from former President George H.W. Bush to Tea Party leader Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina for him to do so. Romney has an insurmountable lead in the delegate race. If Santorum is to make a serious grab for the nomination, it would have to be at the Republican convention in Tampa late this summer.

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Ann Romney: ‘I Don’t Even Consider Myself Wealthy’

Darren McCollester/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Mitt Romney may have more money than any other presidential candidate in the race, but his wife said Monday that she does not consider herself wealthy.

“We can be poor in spirit, and I don’t even consider myself wealthy, which is an interesting thing, it can be here today and gone tomorrow,” Ann Romney said in an interview on Fox News.

Romney’s comment came in response to a question from Fox’s Neal Cavuto about whether the Romneys are “oblivious, given your wealth, to the everyday concerns of average folks.”

“How I measure riches,” Romney continued, “is by the friends I have and the loved ones I have and the people that I care about in my life, and that’s where my values are and that’s where my riches are.”

According to his tax returns, Romney brought in about $42 million in 2010 and 2011. His estimated net worth is around $200 million.

Mitt Romney has been criticized as “out of touch” for a handful of comments he has made referencing his immense wealth on the campaign trail.

During a campaign speech in Michigan, Romney mentioned that Ann “drives a couple of Cadillacs.” When asked later if he thought these two comments hurt his campaign, Romney simply responded, “Yes.”

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