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White House Orders Freeze on New Federal Government Websites -- The White House, which has long boasted of its transparency, especially on the Internet, has imposed an immediate freeze on the creation of new federal government websites, saying the current number of nearly 2,000 is “clearly ridiculous.”

Jeffrey Zients, federal chief performance officer, told reporters the government should be able to save millions under a new effort to consolidate and eliminate one quarter of the dot-gov sites in the next few months.  

Zients announced an immediate halt to the launch of any new websites, and said the Office of Management and Budget will cut the overall number of federal websites by “more than one thousand” in a year.

Vice President Biden, who calls himself “Sheriff Joe” for the administration’s enforcement efforts, sent out an email message targeting one particular website sponsored by several government entities, on behalf of the desert tortoise.      

“I'm sure it's a wonderful species,” the vice president deadpanned, "but we can't afford to have a standalone site devoted to every member of the animal kingdom. It's just one of hundreds of government websites that should be consolidated or eliminated."

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