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Jon Huntsman: Bus Tours Are for Rock Bands, Not Presidents

Richard Ellis/Getty Images(CHICAGO) -- Jon Huntsman called into the Don Wade and Roma show on ABC News Radio Chicago affiliate WLS 890-AM on Monday, condemning President Obama for leaving Washington, D.C., to embark on a three-state bus tour.

“Come on, let’s face the facts,” Huntsman said. “Bus tours are great and I particularly like it when a good rock band is on tour, but to have the president or anybody else, when the most important thing they can be doing is standing up and say, okay, the regulations of this country are what are strangling business, that’s why capital isn’t making its way to the marketplace, that’s why people aren’t hiring, that’s why there’s zero confidence in our future, because we’re stuck in bureaucratic red tape.”

Wade then played a clip from ABC’s This Week, where Laura Ingraham noted that the President no longer participates in a daily economy briefing.

“Unbelievable,” Huntsman replied.

“What else matters? What else matters in this country? You know I hate to be so crass because families give their all to the military. I know that you all have, and our family has, too. Our future isn’t going to be in Afghanistan, our future isn’t going to be in Iraq. Our future is based on whether or not this nation is ready for the 21st-century competitive challenges, and that’s across the Pacific Ocean, and that’s an economic challenge.”

“We’ve got to get on the stick and that means, you know, beyond just reading the daily intel reports that come in from the field, getting the daily economic reports on where we’re weak and what needs to be done,” Huntsman continued. “It isn’t government providing more stimulus and creating artificiality, it’s government facilitating the 10th Amendment of the Constitution which allows local governments to basically determine their own destiny, Washington stepping back and saying, how can we help?"

"Simple things that really, I think, are going to leave a lasting impact on this country," he said.  "But that requires a president who's going to read the daily economic reports and respond to them in a way that speaks to making a more competitive marketplace."

When asked about Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s 2012 entrance, Huntsman replied: “Rick is a friend and he’s a good man and I salute Rick Perry. He has a good jobs record, that will make two of us in the race who have good job records.”

“In order to beat President Obama, let’s face the facts, because 2012 will be about which candidate can speak up with the message that speaks to economic expansion and jobs, period," Huntsman continued. "That’s all that people care about, they want to get out of the hole there. And I believe they’re going to be looking for a governor who has a track record that speaks to exactly that. Not one, you know for example from Massachusetts who was number 47 in terms of job creation, but someone who was number one. And Rick Perry would certainly be right up there in that category, we certainly would be up there in that category.”

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Gov. Bobby Jindal: 'I'm Not Running' for President in 2012

Photo Courtesy - Office of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal(NEW YORK) -- Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal tells ABC News he has no plans to run for president in 2012.

Asked by ABC News Radio San Francisco affiliate KGO-AM whether he would consider a run at the White House, Jindal said, “I’m not running, I’ve got a great job as governor of Louisiana.”

“I’ll leave that to others,” Jindal told ABC's Chicago affiliate, WLS-AM.

Jindal is traveling the country promoting his new book Leadership and Crisis, in which he criticizes President Barack Obama's response to the Gulf oil disaster.

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