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Top Republican Ready to Take IRS Down a Few Notches

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call(WASHINGTON) -- House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is going after the Internal Revenue Service with both guns blazing.

Knocked back on its heels due to controversies surrounding the targeting of conservative groups for special scrutiny, the IRS was in the Virginia Republican's crosshairs as he spoke with fellow GOP lawmakers on Tuesday about new bills that would weaken the power of the tax revenue-collecting agency.

Among other things, Cantor wants to craft a measure that would permit the recording of conversations between Americans and IRS officials, presumably to ensure the agency is not violating individual rights.

The Republican lawmaker isn't stopping there.  He's also seeking to prevent the IRS from implementing or enforcing the Affordable Care Act.  The IRS has been assigned to collect tax surcharges as penalties for not paying the health mandate.

One of the least controversial bills being suggested by Cantor is more "accountability for government conferences, putting an end to lavish vacation getaways for bureaucrats on the taxpayers’ dime."

According to a Cantor aide, these bills, which could be voted on by the August recess, will "give Republicans members the ability to address the growing distrust of Washington emanating from recent scandals and stories, especially in the case of the IRS."

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