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Trump on Handel's win: 'Fantastic job, we are all very proud of you!'

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- President Donald Trump was quick to react to Karen Handel's win in Tuesday's special election in Georgia's 6th Congressional District, writing a series of tweets after it appeared she was slated to beat Democrat Jon Ossoff.

"Things are looking great for Karen H!" tweeted Trump at 10:21 p.m.

The president then proceeded to give Fox News a shout-out for a congratulatory headline.

"Thank you @FoxNews 'Huge win for President Trump and GOP in Georgia Congressional Special Election," Trump wrote.

The commander-in-chief then posted a third tweet, writing "Congratulations to Karen Handel on her big win in Georgia 6th. Fantastic job, we are all very proud of you!"

Trump kicked off Tuesday tweeting his support for Handel -- whom he described as a "hard worker" -- while slamming Ossoff as a candidate who would raise taxes and be weak on crime.

"Democrat Jon Ossoff, who wants to raise your taxes to the highest level and is weak on crime and security, doesn't even live in district," Trump tweeted at 5:49 a.m.

Thirteen minutes later, he followed up with a tweet supporting Handel.

"KAREN HANDEL FOR CONGRESS," he wrote. "She will fight for lower taxes, great healthcare strong security-a hard worker who will never give up! VOTE TODAY."

And in a nod to the special election in South Carolina -- in which Republican Ralph Norman won -- Trump tweeted, "Well, the Special Elections are over and those that want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN are 5 and O! All the Fake News, all the money spent = 0."

And on Monday, in a nod to the special elections in Georgia and South Carolina, Trump urged residents in those states to vote for the Republican candidate.

"Big day tomorrow in Georgia and South Carolina," he wrote. "ObamaCare is dead. Dems want to raise taxes big! They can only obstruct, no ideas. Vote 'R.'"

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