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Two GOP Senators Slated to Skip President Obama’s Speech

Scott J. Ferrell/Congressional Quarterly/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Two Republican senators plan to sit out President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress Thursday: Sens. David Vitter of Louisiana and Jim DeMint of South Carolina.

Instead, Vitter will be throwing a football party in Louisiana. “I will listen to the President’s speech tomorrow carefully...from my priority area for job creation, Who Dat Nation,” Vitter wrote on his Facebook page Wednesday afternoon. “Family and friends are coming over for big game. On to recovery -- and the Super Bowl!”

The New Orleans Saints take on the Green Bay Packers in the NFL season opener that evening.

DeMint told ABC News’ Jonathan Karl Sunday that he would probably skip the president’s speech.

“If he sent a written proposal over first, I would go hear him explain it, but frankly, right now, I’m so frustrated I don’t think I’m going to go,” DeMint told Karl.

DeMint’s office confirmed Wednesday that the senator will definitely not attend the speech. Instead, he’ll be in Charleston, S.C., Thursday night to meet with officials from the Boeing Co., tour the new Dreamliner aircraft facility and meet with Boeing employees.

“I’m excited to meet with folks in South Carolina who are creating jobs and moving our economy forward, not just talking about it,” DeMint said in a statement Wednesday. "I also look forward to speaking with state leaders who are concerned that the federal government’s overreach is making job creation more difficult. Unfortunately, the president’s policies of spending, debt and over-regulation have been making matters worse, not better. America’s economy can’t be micromanaged from Washington.”

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