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White House Has No Plans to Dump Joe Biden in 2012

The White House/Pete Souza(WASHINGTON) -- The White House on Tuesday disputed a report by The New York Post which claimed that President Obama was thinking of replacing Vice President Joe Biden with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as his 2012 running mate.

It's been a banner year for Cuomo, the son of former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo.  The Democrat has successfully reached out to Republicans in an effort to solve the state's budget woes while also taking the lead in passing a law that allows same-sex marriage in New York State.

William Powers, a former New York Republican Party chairman, told the Post, "I don't think there's any doubt Obama is going to pick him as his running mate.  The president is in trouble and Biden doesn't bring anything to his ticket."

But as much as Cuomo has expressed an interest in running for national office, possibly in 2016, there's little chance that he would leave his job two years into his term even if the White House dangled the vice presidency in front of him.

As for Biden, he seems comfortably ensconced in his role as second in command, although he might be convinced to take the role of secretary of state since Hillary Clinton has said that she'll retire at the end of 2012, whether or not Obama is reelected.

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