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Who Will Be Next White House Press Secretary?

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- No sooner did White House press secretary Robert Gibbs announce his upcoming resignation than the favorite Washington, D.C. parlor game started -- guessing who will be his replacement.

And then the tragedy in Tucson, the visit of the Chinese president to Washington last week and the president's State of the Union address diverted the press corps to other matters.

But the search and vetting for a new press secretary have been ongoing in the White House, despite the busy month.  Gibbs told reporters Wednesday that he expects President Obama could announce his replacement any day now, possibly even later this week.

"I anticipate that the president is actually quite close in that," Gibbs said.  "And I anticipate that I will, as I've said, probably leave around sometime in mid-February."

The job of press secretary is high-profile.  Aside from the president himself there is no more visible public face of the administration.  The press secretary is seen at daily on-camera briefings, serves as a liaison between the president and the press, is responsible for pushing the administration's message of the day and for defending not only the president but the administration's policies.

Here is a list, in alphabetical order, of some of the names that have been rumored to be in the mix as potential contenders to be the next face behind the White House podium:

-- Deputy White House press secretary Bill Burton, who substituted for Gibbs in more than 50 off-camera "gaggles" or briefings and has a good working relationship with White House reporters.  He also has a good relationship with the president, serving as his national press secretary during the 2008 presidential campaign.

-- Vice President Biden's current communications director, Jay Carney.

-- Stephanie Cutter, a veteran communications aide currently serving as assistant to the president for special projects.

-- Josh Earnest, also a Deputy White House press secretary in the administration, who held communications roles during the president's campaign, heading the Presidential Inaugural Committee and the Iowa communications office.

-- Karen Finney, former Democratic National Committee spokeswoman.

-- Jennifer Psaki, Deputy White House communications director. Psaki has a long history working with Obama, serving as a deputy press secretary during the 2008 presidential campaign.

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