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Neighbors Credited with Burglar Arrest

(SALT LAKE CITY) -- Police say quick-thinking neighbors are the reason authorities were able to make an arrest in a recent residential burglary.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports neighbors helped alert authorities to a break-in at 134 N. C Street Tuesday after spotting a man standing in the driveway of a building that had been robbed. With the help of nearby residents, police were able to spot the suspect fleeing the scene and made an arrest.

Police have not released the name of the 47-year-old suspect.

He is charged with suspicion of burglary, fleeing officers, and providing false information.

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Hospital Infection Reporting Bill Gets Rejected by Lawmakers

(SALT LAKE CITY) -- A bill requiring Utah hospitals to publicly report their infection rates failed on Wednesday to win the Health and Human Services Interim Committee’s endorsement.

The Salt Lake City Tribune reports that while the committee denied the bill, it approved a resolution in support of the proposal.

“The bill is not ready for prime time, but we agree on the intent,” said Republican Rep. Brad Daw.

If the bill is approved, Utah would join the dozen other states that already require hospitals to publicly report their infection rates.

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University of Utah Student Dies in BASE Jump

(PROVO, Utah) -- A 24-year-old student from the University of Utah died Tuesday while BASE jumping at Rock Canyon in Provo.

Officials say Holly Brittsan went leaping off the north side of Rock Canyon on Tuesday afternoon, and fell to her death after the parachute she was carrying apparently failed to open properly. Brittsan, who is from Idaho, reportedly died after falling about 150 feet.

Authorities tell the Salt Lake Tribune Brittsan was at the canyon with other people working on a school project, but officials were uncertain as to whether the jump was part of the victim's project.

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Suspect Arrested in Alleged Gym Attack

(LAYTON, Utah) -- Police arrested a 25-year-old man Monday morning after he allegedly attacked a woman inside a Layton gym, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

The alleged incident occurred around 5:30 a.m. at Snap Fitness, located near 800 East and Gordon Avenue, when police say they were alerted to a complaint from a woman who says the suspect tried to drag her into a bathroom before she managed to safely escape.

Police say the victim and suspect were the only two people in the building at the time. The suspect's name was not released.

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Report: Utah Jobs Recovery Expected by 2013

(NEW YORK) -- Regional economists from respected analytics firm IHS Global Insight have mapped their predictions as to when states will return to their “peak” level of employment: the national unemployment rate averaged 5.3 percent under President Bush, but now stands stuck around 9 percent.

The IHS Economists report states Utah will be returning to its peak by the fourth quarter of next year.

While the oil boom state North Dakota got back to its peak level in the first quarter of 2010 and Alaska crossed the mark in the third quarter of 2010, economists predict that California will be back in the second quarter of 2016.

The three unlucky states reportedly returning to peak level of employment after 2017 were Michigan, Nevada and Rhode Island.

The results were compiled by factoring in states’ industry breakdown, population growth and demographics.

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