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Livermore Police Caution Holiday Shoppers

(LIVERMORE, Calif.) -- Holiday shopping is now in full swing, and police in Livermore are offering shoppers some tips on remaining safe while bargain hunting.

The Livermore Police Department is advising shoppers to ensure they have tight control of their belongings and are aware of their surroundings while shopping.

Police are offering the following tips:

  • Do not place a purse or personal bag down while looking at items or walk away from a purse to another display.
  • Do not place  a wallet or credit/debit card on the counter for the store employee before they are ready to take it.
  • Do not place a cellphone or keys on the counter while paying for items.
  • Do not leave purses or personal bags open/unzipped, allowing suspects to see or take items out.
  • Do not place other shopping bags down and unattended while paying for new items.

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Bag with $100,000, Marijuana Found at San Jose Burger King

(SAN FRANCISCO) -- A blue backpack filled with about $100,000 was left behind at a San Jose Burger King, and police are trying to find out who left it there.

An assistant manager spotted the backpack abandoned in a booth at the restaurant on North Bascom Avenue, ABC's San Francisco station KGO-TV reported. She called the restaurant owner, who opened the bag up to look for identification and found the cash. The manager then called police.

Along with the cash, police found candy, marijuana and a bank deposit slip in the bag, according to KGO-TV.

They're working with the bank to find out who the cash belongs to, the station reported.

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San Francisco Becomes First City to Pass Retail Worker ‘Bill of Rights’

(SAN FRANCISCO) -- Just in time for Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping, San Francisco Supervisors have unanimously approved a retail workers bill of rights.  

It's the country's first retail worker bill of rights, requiring employers to post workers schedules at least two weeks in advance.

The goal is to limit employer habits of scheduling workers to shifts with little notice.  

If there's a last minute schedule change, any on call hours, or if a worker is sent home before their assigned shift ends, they'll have to be compensated.  

Retail chains in San Francisco will also be required to offer part time workers hours before hiring new employees.

It’s a bill that some believe will grow beyond San Francisco and beyond retail chains.

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BART to Oakland International Airport Opens in Time for Thanksgiving Travel

Bay Area Rapid Transit

(OAKLAND, Calif.) -- Travelers planning to get out of the Bay Area for the Thanksgiving holiday now have another option -- flying out of Oakland International Airport.

The Bay Area Rapid Transit’s new train to plane service “BART to OAK” is now fully operational, after having a grand opening on Saturday.

The project broke ground in 2010, and cost $484 million.

Riders board one of four three-car automated people movers at either the Coliseum Station or the Oakland International Airport Station for an eight-minute ride at speeds of 30 miles-per-hour.

Trains arrive every five minutes during peak commute hours, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and drop off and pick up riders just steps away from both terminals at OAK.  Riders can use a BART ticket or a Clipper Card on the new system.

“The ride and the experience alone are memorable,” said BART General Manager Grace Crunican in a statement. “Riders get a 360 degree view from the windows surrounding the entire car as you travel over the traffic below. It’s a cable propelled system with light-weight and quiet trains, so it’s like gliding through the air.”  

The new train services replaced the AirBART busses, which used to run from the Coliseum Station to OAK. Travelers are reminded not to look for the busses when traveling during the busy holiday weekend.

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Multiple People Injured in Early-Morning Shooting

(SAN FRANCISCO) -- At least six people were injured in an early-morning shooting in San Francisco Wednesday.

Officials said at Mission and 13th Streets shortly before 1 a.m. officers found four people wounded.

Those victims were taken to a local hospital. A fifth victim then showed up at the same hospital for treatment, and a sixth victim went to another hospital outside of the city, police said.

At least two of the victims are said to have life-threatening injuries.

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