Scoreboard roundup -- 6/13/19

iStock(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Thursday's sports events:



Minnesota 10 Seattle 5
Toronto 12 Baltimore 3
LA Angels 5 Tampa Bay 3
Boston 7 Texas 6
Kansas City 7 Detroit 3
Chi White Sox 5 NY Yankees 4

Atlanta 6 Pittsburgh 5
Arizona 5 Washington 0
Colorado 9 San Diego 6
LA Dodgers 7 Chi Cubs 3
St. Louis at NY Mets, suspended


Toronto 114 Golden State 110 (TOR wins series)

Indiana 76 Dallas 72

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St. Louis Blues capture first ever Stanley Cup title

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images(BOSTON) -- It may have taken 52 years, but the St. Louis Blues finally did it.

The team beat the Boston Bruins 4-1 in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final Wednesday night to take home their first championship in franchise history.

The Blues’ victory will be celebrated back home in St. Louis, Missouri, where a parade is scheduled for the team on Saturday.

“The parade will start at noon at 18th St. & Market St., and end at Broadway & Market St. The rally will take place after at the Gateway Arch,” the team tweeted Thursday morning.

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Scoreboard roundup -- 6/12/19

iStock(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Wednesday's sports events:



Cincinnati 7, Cleveland 2
Milwaukee 6, Houston 3, 14 Innings

Oakland 6, Tampa Bay 2
Boston 4, Texas 3
Toronto 8, Baltimore 6
Seattle 9, Minnesota 6, 10 Innings
Detroit 3, Kansas City 2

Chi Cubs 10, Colorado 1
Arizona 2, Philadelphia 0
Miami 9, St. Louis 0
Atlanta 8, Pittsburgh 7, 11 Innings
San Francisco 4, San Diego 2


St. Louis 4, Boston 1 (St. Louis wins series)

NY Liberty 75, Minnesota 69

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Kevin Durant's surgery a 'success' after rupturing Achilles tendon

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Golden State Warriors' star forward Kevin Durant confirmed that he ruptured his right Achilles tendon during Game 5 of the NBA finals in Toronto Monday night.

Durant confirmed that he had undergone surgery and that it was a success on Instagram.

"My road back starts now!" he wrote. "I got my family and my loved ones by my side and we truly appreciate all the messages and support people have sent our way."

The injury was an emotional one as well, Durant said.

"Like I said Monday, I'm hurting deeply, but I'm OK," he wrote. "Basketball is my biggest love and I wanted to be out there that night before that's what I do. I wanted to help my teammates on our quest for the three peat."

Durant's mom, Wanda Durant, opened up about whether he should have stepped on the court at all.

"I was excited for him because I know how much he loves the game and I know he's been injured before, so I knew he wouldn't jeopardize himself," she told "Good Morning America" Wednesday. "So when he told me he was ready to play I said OK."

Monday night's game started out as the perfect comeback for No. 35, who hadn't played since May 8 when he injured his right calf in a Western Conference semifinals game against the Houston Rockets.

"I was excited because he was doing so well and then when it happened I kinda just sunk," Durant admitted of the moment she watched her son clutch his leg and fall on the court. "I was just glued on him and glued on his eyes to see how he was doing."

She said it was "hurtful to see the anguish in his eyes and he looked as though he felt somewhat dejected."

Wanda Durant watched as his teammates helped escort him to the locker room. She said she was in touch with him immediately.

"I talked to him five to 10 minutes afterwards. And he just told me not to cry," she recalled. "I know he worked so hard to get back to play. And he just told me he was going to be OK and don't worry."

Warriors fans across the nation panicked when Durant, 30, went down again during the second quarter of Monday night's game.

Even rapper Drake, a hardcore Toronto Raptors fan, was seen patting Durant on the back as he limped his way to the locker room with the help of staff.

Some fans in the arena initially cheered when Durant went down, but his mom said she didn't hear about that until later on and has since forgiven the raucus crowd.

“I was really hurt and kinda disappointed that that was the first [response] after something so horrific. But because of the players in Toronto, Kawhi [Leonard] and [Serge] Ibaka, who I love very much and are dear sons of mine as well, they calmed them down – I was pleased with that. All is forgiven.”

"He gave us what he had. He sacrificed his body and we know how it turned out," said teammate Steph Curry after the game.

Questions immediately arose, however, over whether the Warriors may have brought Durant back from his calf injury too soon and potentially cost him what could be the entire 2019-2020 season.

"It's still out right now, he felt that he was able to play and they said that he could play," Wanda Durant said. "We still have to analyze that see if they made the right decision."

His mom added, "The doctors said that he was OK. Kevin couldn't have gone on his own to say I'm gonna play without the advisement of the doctors."

Warriors general manager Bob Myers, who got choked up at times during a news conference after the game, said Durant had been with the medical team for weeks.

"He was cleared to play tonight. That was a collaborative decision. I don't believe there's anyone to blame. ... But if you have to, you can blame me. I run our basketball operations department," Myers said.

Following his injury, Wanda Durant took to Twitter to clap back at critics who have questioned the NBA star’s integrity and love of the sport.

 “Over the years the last few years there’s been a lot of questions about who he is as a person, his love for his teammates, his love for the game. And it was really painstaking,” she said while holding back tears. “Because my son is an adult now and the NBA is his employer I chose not to respond, but after they questioned him faking an injury and using the injury for his benefit, I felt that was really harsh – so I just wanted to let them know that I’ve been hearing all of their words.”

She also took the opportunity to thank everyone who has rallied around her son in the face of his latest setback.

"To the fans all over the world who have sent us their prayers, who have contacted me over my social media, sent general responses, I'm just so grateful and our family is thankful," she said. "And so for that, we have complete gratitude."

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6 arrested, 1 at large in $8K murder plot against Red Sox icon David Ortiz: Police

Rob Carr/Getty Images(SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic) -- Six men have been arrested in the brazen ambush shooting of Boston Red Sox icon David "Big Papi" Ortiz that occurred at a crowded nightclub in the Dominican Republic.

Prosecutors said Wednesday that the suspects set out to kill the retired baseball player to collect an $8,000 bounty placed on his head.

In a news conference in the Dominican Republic, police showed reporters the handgun used in the attempted hit job Sunday on Ortiz.

Police said a total of seven men were all part of the murder plot that left Ortiz with a bullet wound to the back.

Earlier, police identified one of the suspects as Eddy Valdimir Garcia, 25, who was nabbed by onlookers and beaten before being turned over to police minutes after Ortiz was severely wounded at the Dial Bar and Lounge, a nightclub in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. Garcia was treated at a hospital for his injuries.

Photos of officers escorting Garcia into a police station following his release from a hospital showed him with stitched up gashes on his forehead and nose, a fresh bruise above his right eye and a busted lower lip.

The investigation is ongoing and police have not yet publicly identified the suspect who shot Ortiz.

Surveillance video taken from the nightclub showed the gunman walking up behind Ortiz as he was sitting at the bar and shooting him in the back at close range.

Garcia allegedly confessed to playing a role in the shooting, according to police. But his attorney, Bunel Ramirez Meran, said Tuesday night that Garcia is not the gunman who shot Ortiz. Meran said Garcia is innocent.

Charging papers obtained by ABC News show that Garcia is charged with "intentionally causing injury through the use of an illegal firearm" in addition to attempted homicide and criminal association.

Garcia has been remanded into custody while legal proceedings are underway, documents showed.

Frank Félix Duran, a spokesman for the Dominican Republic National Police, said that Garcia confessed to playing a role in the shooting, but he would not elaborate on what the suspect told the police.

Meran said that Garcia is accused of being the motorcyclist who drove the shooter to the Dial Bar and Lounge. Meran noted there is no legal distinction between being the author or the accomplice to a crime in the Dominican Republic.

After being shot and collapsing at the bar as a crowd of patrons scattered at the sound of gunfire, Ortiz underwent surgery at a Santo Domingo hospital. During the operation, doctors removed part of his small and large intestines and liver.

He was flown to Boston late Sunday night on an air ambulance jet chartered by the Red Sox team and underwent a second surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital.

"David continues to recuperate today in the Intensive Care Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital under the direction of treating trauma surgeon Dr. David King," Ortiz's wife, Tiffany Ortiz, said in a statement released Wednesday.

"Yesterday and this morning, David was able to sit up as well as take some steps. His condition is guarded and he will remain in the ICU for the coming days, but he is making good progress towards recovery," she added. "My family and I again want to thank everyone for their endless love and well wishes, and still ask for privacy while David continues to heal."

The security camera footage from the Dial Bar and Lounge acquired by ABC News shows a chaotic scene erupt as the gunman boldly approached Ortiz from behind and shot him without warning and in front of numerous witnesses.

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California governor calls for Santa Anita Park to close for investigation after horse deaths

Martin Chavez/iStock(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) -- California Gov. Gavin Newsom is calling for the shutdown of Santa Anita Park until it can be determined why 29 horses have died since the start of the racing season.

“I continue to be troubled by the horse deaths at Santa Anita Park. Enough is enough. I am calling on the California Horse Racing Board to ensure that no horse races until they are examined by independent veterinarians and found fit to compete," Gov. Newsom said in a statement.

"As Santa Anita prepares to host the 2019 Breeders’ Cup in November, we must show the horse racing world that California puts safety first," the statement continued.

Earlier this week, Santa Anita Park did not heed the California Horse Racing Board's recommendation to suspend racing in the wake of two more horse deaths over the weekend because the reforms that were enacted earlier in the year appeared to be effective, according to a spokesman.

In March, the park announced a series of changes surrounding horse safety, including a "zero tolerance" policy for the use of almost all medication on racing day in the wake of more than two dozen horse deaths since December 2018.

The California Horse Racing Board further voted to limit whips on racing day as well, a rule that will apply to Santa Anita once enacted.

After the reforms took place, the park saw up to seven weeks of "clean racing," Stefan Friedman, spokesman for The Stronach Group, a company that owns the park, told ABC News. In addition, the track has seen 50 percent fewer catastrophic breakdowns during racing and 84 percent fewer catastrophic incidents during training, Friedman said.

There were no horse fatalities between April 1 to May 18, when the death toll remained at 23, Santa Anita said in a statement last month. But after that time, the number of horses dying began to climb once again.

On Sunday, 3-year-old Truffalino collapsed in the final stages of the third race and died of a heart attack, Friedman said. The day before, 4-year-old Formal Dude broke down while nearing the finish line in the 10th race and was euthanized, he said.

A total of 29 horses have died at Santa Anita since the start of the racing season.

The chairman, vice chairman and executive director of the California Horse Racing Board recommended on Saturday that Santa Anita suspend racing for the seven remaining race days of 2019, which lasts until June 23, but continue training during that time period, according to a statement from Mike Marten, the board's public information officer.

"It is our understanding that Santa Anita management, after consultation with certain other industry stakeholders, believes that for a variety of reasons, the future of California racing is best served by continuing to race," the California Horse Racing Board said in a statement over the weekend.

Under current California law, the board does not have the authority to suspend a race meet or remove race dates without the approval of the race track operator or without holding a public meeting with 10 days’ notice, Marten said.

Santa Anita’s decision to stay open was made after an "extensive consultation" among the Stronach Group, the Thoroughbred Owners of California and California Thoroughbred Trainers, according to a joint statement from those organizations.

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Scoreboard roundup -- 6/11/19

iStock(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Tuesday's sports events:



NY Yankees 12 NY Mets 5
NY Mets 10 NY Yankees 4
Cleveland 2 Cincinnati 1, 10 Innings
Chi White Sox 7 Washington 5
Houston 10 Milwaukee 8
LA Angels 5 LA Dodgers 3

Baltimore 4 Toronto 2
Texas 9 Boston 5
Oakland 4 Tampa Bay 3
Minnesota 6 Seattle 5
Kansas City 3 Detroit 2

Philadelphia 7 Arizona 4
St. Louis 7 Miami 1
Atlanta 7 Pittsburgh 5, 8 Innings
Colorado 10 Chi Cubs 3
San Francisco 6 San Diego 5

Connecticut 83 Washington 75
Seattle 84 Indiana 82
Chicago 82 Phoenix 75

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Man suspected of shooting Red Sox icon David Ortiz charged with 'attempted homicide,' attorney says

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images(BOSTON) -- A suspect in the shooting of retired Red Sox icon David Ortiz has been charged with "attempted homicide" and "criminal association" in connection to the shooting, according to his attorney.

Eddy Feliz Garcia, who allegedly confessed to playing a role in the shooting, insists that he did not shoot Ortiz, his attorney, Bunel Ramirez Meran, said on Tuesday night. Meran declared that Garcia was innocent.

Garcia apparently tried to flee the nightclub after the shooting, but onlookers immediately stopped and attacked him before he was turned over to police and taken to a hospital for treatment. He was later taken into police custody.

Garcia later reportedly confessed to being involved in the shooting, according to Frank Félix Duran, a spokesman for the Dominican Republic National Police. Duran declined to elaborate on what the suspect told the police, or if he was the man seen in the video pulling the trigger.

Garcia's attorney said that his client is accused of being the motorcycle driver who carried the actual shooter. Meran noted that in the Dominican Republic, there is no legal distinction between being the author or the accomplice to a crime.

Ortiz underwent a second surgery at a Boston hospital for injuries suffered when he was shot in the back Sunday night at a bar in the Dominican Republic in what appeared to be a targeted ambush attack, the former baseball player's wife said in a statement Tuesday.

"David arrived at Massachusetts General Hospital last night and underwent a successful second surgery. He is stable, awake, and resting comfortably this morning in the ICU where he is expected to remain for the next several days," Ortiz's wife, Tiffany Ortiz, said in a statement.

Ortiz, 43, had been airlifted to Boston Monday night on a medical air ambulance chartered by the Red Sox. He first underwent surgery at a hospital in the Dominican Republic, where "Big Papi" was born and raised.

Tiffany Ortiz thanked the Red Sox owner, John Henry, and his wife, Linda, and the team's management for rallying around her husband. She also expressed appreciation to Dr. Larry Ronan and his staff at Massachusetts General for caring for Ortiz.

"Lastly, I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support and love that we have received during this incredible difficult time," her statement reads. "We ask for privacy as David works towards recovery."

Ortiz took his first steps since the shooting on Tuesday, Leo Lopez, his close friend and aide, told ABC News.

Shortly after he was shot, Ortiz was taken to Abel Gonzalez Center for Advanced Medicine in Santo Domingo, where he underwent his first surgery. Ortiz's father told reporters the bullet entered his son's back and exited through his abdomen.

Dr. Abel Gonzalez, who performed the surgery, said part of Ortiz's intestines and liver were removed.

The shooting unfolded Sunday night at the Dial Bar and Lounge, a nightclub in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.

Security camera footage acquired by ABC News shows the gunman coming up behind Ortiz and opening fire at close range. The footage shows people scattering after gunfire erupted and Ortiz, who had been sitting at the outdoor bar, appear to grab his side and then collapse.

Jhoel López, a TV host in the Dominican Republic, was speaking to Ortiz at the bar when the shooting broke out and was also injured, according to The Associated Press. Lopez suffered non-life threatening injuries when he was struck in the leg, apparently by the same bullet that hit Ortiz.

On Monday night at Boston's Fenway Park, the Red Sox and the team's fans made it clear that their beloved "Big Papi" was in their thoughts and prayers.

Prior to the start of the Red Sox game, a moment of reflection was held for Ortiz, a 10-time All-Star and a member of three Red Sox World Series championship teams. A message reading "We send our love to David Ortiz" was flashed on one of the ballpark's scoreboards.

Fans held up letters spelling out Ortiz's name, and many showed up at the game wearing his No. 34 jersey.

"They talk about superheroes without capes and he's a superhero without a cape," Red Sox manager Alex Cora, a former teammate of Ortiz's in Boston, said during a pregame news conference.

Another one of Ortiz's former Red Sox teammates, Hall of Fame pitcher Pedro Martinez, who also hails from the Dominican Republic, broke down in tears while talking about Ortiz on Monday night during a broadcast on the MLB Network.

"I don't have enough words to describe who David is, what David means to baseball," Martinez said on air. "But I'm so disappointed to know that someone like David, who saved so many lives, can have someone after his life. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry. But it hurts me. It hurts me.

"I just can't take it," Martinez added. "I'm here sitting with you guys and I'm trying to have fun, but my heart is with David, with his family, with everybody that cares about David. Because just one coward out there that wanted to do that to someone that didn't deserve it."

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Questions abound after Kevin Durant appears to injure Achilles tendon in comeback game against Raptors

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images(TORONTO) -- With the Golden State Warriors facing possible elimination in Game 5 against the Toronto Raptors, the night began as a perfect comeback for Kevin Durant, the team's star forward.

Before he took the court at the NBA Finals on Monday night, he hadn't played since May 8, after he'd injured his right calf in a Western Conference semifinals game against the Houston Rockets.

But in the second quarter, after scoring 11 points for the Warriors, Durant appeared to injure his right Achilles tendon.

He was helped off the court by teammate Andre Iguodala as well as staff. Even famed Raptors fan and rapper Drake was seen patting Durant on the back as he made his way to the locker room.

"He gave us what he had. He sacrificed his body and we know how it turned out," said teammate Steph Curry after the game.

In the end, the Warriors were able to hold the Raptors off from their first title win in franchise history, 106-105.

But, there are now questions about whether the Warriors, hoping to win their third straight NBA title, might have brought Durant back from his calf injury too soon -- and cost him what could potentially be the entire 2019-2020 season.

Warriors general manager Bob Myers, who got choked up at times during a news conference after the game, said that Durant had gone through four weeks with the medical team.

"He was cleared to play tonight. That was a collaborative decision. I don't believe there's anyone to blame. ... But if you have to, you can blame me. I run our basketball operations department," Myers said.

In a post to his Instagram stories on Monday night, Durant remained optimistic, saying: "I'm hurting deep in the soul right now I can't lie but seeing my brothers get this win was like taking a shot of tequila, I got a new life lol. #dubs."

And in a separate tweet from her own account, Durant's mother told fans on Twitter that "This too shall pass."

The final series has not been without its share of drama.

On Thursday, NBA officials banned a Golden State Warriors minority owner after video showed him shoving a player on the sidelines during the game.

Mark Stevens, a venture capitalist, was sitting courtside during Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Oakland, California, when Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry dove into the sidelines to keep the ball from going out of bounds.

As Lowry struggled to regain his balance, video showed Stevens giving him a shove to the left shoulder. Stevens was fined $500,000 and banned from attending games as well as Warriors team activities activities for a year, the NBA and Warriors teams officials said in a joint statement last Wednesday.

Both teams face off again in Game 6 on Thursday in Oakland, California. It's a game so anticipated, that floor seats are going for more than $100,000.

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US Women's National Team routs Thailand in opening World Cup game

Alex Caparros - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- The U.S. Women's National Team (USWNT) began their run in the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup with a 13-0 win over Thailand on Tuesday.

They stepped onto the field in France as defending World Cup champions after their 2015 win in Canada, but are joined by many of their international competitors in a crusade for gender equity.

On the field

The U.S.'s first game came on the fifth day of the tournament, after many other nations have already begun competition in the Group Phase of the tournament -- where teams are split into six groups to play round-robin style.

The U.S. is in Group F, which also includes Thailand, Chile and Sweden. The teams with the best records in the Group Phase go on to the Knockout Phase, starting June 22, which is a single-elimination round to find the champion.

After Tuesday’s win over Thailand, the USWNT’s second match will be at 12 p.m. ET, Sunday, June 16, at the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris against Chile, who they beat twice in the 2018 CONCACAF Women’s Championship, securing themselves a place at this World Cup.

Off the field

Off the field, the USWNT made headlines in March when players sued the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) -- the sport's governing body -- for gender discrimination, including unequal pay and resources.

The suit named the 28 members of the 2015 World Cup team as plaintiffs, including stars Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe and Carli Lloyd, who are all back to compete in this year's World Cup.

"We feel a responsibility not only to stand up for what we know we deserve as athletes, but also for what we know is right – on behalf of our teammates, future teammates, fellow women athletes, and women all around the world," Rapinoe said in a statement at the time.

Last month, USSF hit back at the lawsuit, denying the allegations in a response. The group said "U.S. Soccer's challenged pay practices are not based on sex" and that pay differences were based on "differences in the aggregate revenue generated by the different teams" as well as other factors, according to their response.

"We look forward to a trial next year after the World Cup," the players said in a statement after the USSF's response was filed.

Household names

In their lawsuit, the players cited that the U.S. Men's National Team players get paid more, even though they are less successful. While the U.S. women are entering this World Cup as defending champions, the U.S. men did not qualify for last year's FIFA World Cup.

The women's team is more successful on the field, and their profile is also growing. The 2015 Women's World Cup final between the U.S. and Japan became the most-watched soccer match in U.S. history, per US Soccer.

In a more cultural show of their growing profile, Morgan scored a cover on this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, while Rapinoe, Abby Dahlkemper and Crystal Dunn were also photographed in the issue. In doing so, Rapinoe became the first openly gay woman to pose for the Swimsuit issue.

Meanwhile, as the tournament was about to start, several players launched a new company, re-inc, and dropped a T-shirt with it, as reported by The New York Times. USWNT forward Christen Press is the chief executive, former USWNT defender Meghan Klingenberg is president, USWNT forward Tobin Heath is chief innovation officer and Rapinoe is the chief branding officer.

"We are four World Cup champions whose time on the USWNT has taught us how to fight," the re-inc website reads. "For greatness. For our identities. For our own value."

On the field, the players are wearing new kits made by Nike. Nike, in keeping with its ad campaigns around breaking boundaries and pushing for equality, has debuted new ads featuring players like Morgan and Mallory Pugh.

After Sunday's match against Chile, the USWNT compete against Sweden on June 20 at 3 p.m. EST. Each match will be airing on Fox and Telemundo.

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