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Celtics' Rajon Rondo Admits He's Hard to Coach

NBA vis Boston Celtics(NEW YORK) -- If Doc Rivers decides not to return to the Boston Celtics next season, the team's new head coach will face a tough challenge: coaching point guard Rajon Rondo. By his own admission, Rondo admits he's not easy to coach.

Despite Rondo's All-Star caliber talent, he's been known at times to be difficult to get through to over the years. He and Rivers have clashed before over basketball, but the two solidified their relationship.

Still, Rondo says that whoever is his coach, they'll have to put up with him.

"I still am," Rondo said when asked about being hard to coach when he first entered the league. "It's not that I'm hard to coach, it's just that I may challenge what you say. I know the game myself. I'm out there playing the game. So I may have saw something different versus what you saw from the sideline. I'm going to be respectable. I'm going to let the coach talk."

Rondo is recovering from a torn ACL. Before getting hurt this past season, Rondo led the NBA with 11.1 assists per game.

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