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Colin Kaepernick To Run First Team In Practice

NFL via Getty Images(SAN FRANCISCO) -- After Monday Night Football, it appeared there was a quarterback controversey in San Francisco. On Wednesday, things got a little clearer.

Second-year quarterback Colin Kaepernick will run the first-team offense in practice this week, according to Niners quarterback Alex Smith, which would pave the way for Kaepernick to start against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

Smith has still yet to be medically cleared after a concussion, and Kaepernick turned in a solid performance in relief Monday. That prompted head coach Jim Harbaugh to say after the game that he would go with whoever had the "hot hand."

Despite the uncertainty, both quarterbacks are being supportive of each other. "If you can't be happy for your teammate's success you're playing the wrong sport. Go play tennis or golf or something," Smith said Wednesday. 

"We've always been on each other's side, we've always supported each other," Kaepernick said. "We're going to keep doing that."

Harbaugh did say that the starting quarterback could change week to week, or even during the course of a game.

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