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Hamilton: Angels Denied Me Chance To Talk To Owner Moreno

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

(ARLINGTON) -- After the Angels essentially gave Josh Hamilton back to the Rangers, the Texas slugger paints a picture that insinuates Los Angeles never wanted him to begin with.

Hamilton signed a five-year contract with the Angels in 2010 and claims that despite numerous attempts to speak with team owner Arte Moreno, the front office often proved to be an obstruction.

"I told everybody from MLB to [manager] Mike Scioscia, even when I was there and wasn't playing in 2013, I wasn't being the guy that I was supposed to be," Hamilton said Saturday.

"In 2014, same thing. I tried to reach out to the owner, Arte, and talk to him and tell him, 'You know what? I'm working my butt off, and I want to be the guy that played against you for all these years.' I was always turned down by the general manager and team president. They said they would let him know."

 Hamilton said there same situation occurred after his relapse and surgery, when he wanted to talk to Moreno and explain that things were under control.

"Same thing after this incident and after surgery," Hamilton said. "I talked to [Angels GM] Jerry DiPoto. 'You know Jerry, I'd love to talk to Arte and reassure him that things are OK,' and he turned me down again.

"I did what I needed to do to be a responsible man and employee and reach out to him, and I was always denied that opportunity, so my hands are clean."

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