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New York Comic Con 2011 - Interview with Greg Pak

This past weekend over 100,000 people attended the annual New York City Comic Con. While the culture remains strong the comic book industry, like much of the publishing industry, is currently experiencing digital distruptions to it's business model. 

ABC News Radio's Dan Patterson sat down with author and fim-maker Greg Pak. Mr Pak's work has been published everywhere from independent house Aspen Comics, publisher of the forthcoming Dead Man's Run, to Marvel Comics [disclosure: Marvel Comics and ABC News share the Walt Disney Company as a corporate parent]. This fall Mr Pak will scribe Astonishing X-Men, a title formerly written by comic industry notables Joss Whedon and Warren Ellis.

Prior to working in the comic book industry Mr Pak created and distributed independent films, including the award-winning Robot Stories.

Mr Pak has a large following on various social media networks and spoke about the current state of the industry. He spoke passionately about the impact and potential reach of devices like the iPad.

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New York Comic Con 2011 - Interview with Writer Greg Pak by abcnewsradio

Interview: Greg Pak at Comic Con


How to Disappear with Frank Ahearn

How to disappear completely and never be found: an interview with Skiptracer Frank Ahearn.

Frank Ahearn, author of How to Disappear, is a Skiptracer: he helps locate ‘lost’ individuals. Perhaps more importantly, Frank helps people disappear. In this interview with Dan Patterson from ABC News Radio, Frank details common information mistakes, subtle privacy slips, and how best to erase your footprints, online and off.

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Interview with Laughing Squid

From his days as a documentary filmmaker in San Francisco to the New York technology scene, Scott Beale has been on the forefront of emerging culture. Best know for his work as web curator Laughing Squid, Beale bridges the gap between traditional and social media.

In this interview with ABC News Radio's Dan Patterson, Beale discusses his humble roots as an artist in San Francisco, the many iterations of the internet, and the rise of social platforms like Twitter and Tumblr. Beale and Patterson go in-depth with a focus on the the rise of social media journalism and how groups like Anonymous and LulzSec influence web identity.

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Tech Entrepreneur Andrew Hyde Owns 15 Things

Image by Andrew HydeAndrew Hyde is a successful entrepreneur, founder of Startup Weekend, and organizer of the TEDxBoulder conference.

By all rights Mr. Hyde should reside in an expensive Manhattan condo and dine at the most exclusive restaurants.

Instead, Mr. Hyde owns just 15 things and is currently homeless. After leaving his job as community organizer for the New York-based start-up incubator TechStars, Mr. Hyde sold all of his posessions and traveled the world. He now moves through the New York and Silicon Valley technology scenes, mentors young companies, and is currently building a business that creates art from old vinyl records.

In this podcast interview, ABC News Radio's Dan Patterson talks with Mr. Hyde about technology, innovation, and digital materialism.

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Interview: Author Max Brallier on Digital Publishing

Max Brallier, author and marketing representative for St. Martin's Press, discusses the future of digital publishing with ABC's Dan Patterson.  Brallier, author of Can YOU Survive the Zombie Apocalypse and the new Kindle-only Vatican Assassin Warlock, describes historic publishing models of marketing and distribution, then contrasts tradational methods with non-traditional digital publishing. While the mechanics of publishing have changed dramatically in the past decade, Brallier asserts that the creative process remains remarkably similar.

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Interview: Jay Adelson of SimpleGeo Talks 

Jay Adelson of SimpleGeoDan Patterson of ABC News Radio interviewed Jay Adelson - CEO of geolocation company SimpleGeo - at the 2011 SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas.  Adelson, former CEO of social news company Digg, talked about transitioning from leader of a consumer company to executive of an enterprise infrastructure business.  Additionally, Adelson spoke about the future of geolocation and how the SXSW community has matured over the past five years.


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Interview: Ze Frank of 'The Show'

Dan Patterson Interviews Ze Frank at the 2011 SXSW Interactive ConferenceDan Patterson of ABC News Radio interviewed internet cult hereo Ze Frank at the 2011 SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas.  Frank, best known for his work on the web video hit 'The Show,' is developing a game company called Star [dot] Me that provides rewards and positive feedback for 'good' work.  In this interview Frank discusses leveraging adult playfulness in the workspace and and how viral content can lead to a more happy and productive life.


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Interview: Tim Kring - Heroes Creator - at SXSW 2011

Tim Kring Talks Tech and TV at SXSW 2011Dan Patterson of ABC News Radio interviewed Tim Kring about the future of story-telling and technology at the 2011 SXSW Intereactive conference in Austin, Texas.  Kring, best known for creating the NBC drama Heroes, is working on a new television Drama for Fox and recently completed development on an Alternative Reality Game (ARG).  The game, Conspiracy for Good, leveraged mobile device technology, real-world gaming, and social philanthropy.  


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