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New York Comic Con 2011 - Interview with Greg Pak

This past weekend over 100,000 people attended the annual New York City Comic Con. While the culture remains strong the comic book industry, like much of the publishing industry, is currently experiencing digital distruptions to it's business model. 

ABC News Radio's Dan Patterson sat down with author and fim-maker Greg Pak. Mr Pak's work has been published everywhere from independent house Aspen Comics, publisher of the forthcoming Dead Man's Run, to Marvel Comics [disclosure: Marvel Comics and ABC News share the Walt Disney Company as a corporate parent]. This fall Mr Pak will scribe Astonishing X-Men, a title formerly written by comic industry notables Joss Whedon and Warren Ellis.

Prior to working in the comic book industry Mr Pak created and distributed independent films, including the award-winning Robot Stories.

Mr Pak has a large following on various social media networks and spoke about the current state of the industry. He spoke passionately about the impact and potential reach of devices like the iPad.

Download Interview Audio

New York Comic Con 2011 - Interview with Writer Greg Pak by abcnewsradio

Interview: Greg Pak at Comic Con

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