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This Week (4.26.15) Podcast

In this week's episode of the This Week podcast, President Obama has made it very clear the U.S. does not pay ransom for American hostages. However, the policy may change as he considers new recommendations that would allow the government to look the other way if the families want to raise the money to free their loved ones. A political firestorm is being aimed at Hillary Clinton after the controversial book “Clinton Cash” questions the millions of dollars donated to the Clinton Foundation during her time as Secretary of State. ABC’s This Week Host George Stephanopoulos sat down with author Peter Schweizer. And, the roundtable discusses the growing list of potential Republican candidates for president. This and more on theThis Week podcast.


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This Week (4.19.15) Podcast

In this week's episode of the This Week podcast, Hillary Clinton has kicked off her 2016 Presidential campaign, hitting Iowa with a new strategy. New details are emerging about her upcoming visit to the key state of New Hampshire. A Florida postal worker flies a gyrocopter onto the lawn of the US Capitol and an Ohio man, allegedly working with AlQaeda, was captured - these cases are just the latest that are raising troubling questions. Should reserve officers be armed? In Tulsa, Oklahoma a volunteer officer killed a suspect when he mistakenly fired his gun instead of a taser - but should he have been armed in the first place? This and more on the This Week podcast. 




This Week (4.12.15) Podcast

In this week's episode of the This Week podcast, Hillary Clinton is expected to kick off her second run for president and analysts say it will look and feel different from her last time out. An historic handshake between President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro followed by the first face to face meeting between an American and Cuban leader in five decades as both countries move closer to a more normal relationship. Secretary of State John Kerry chats with ABC's This Week host George Stephanopoulos about the historic meeting, the Iran deal and his thoughts on Hillary and 2016. This and more on the This Week podcast. 



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