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Romney Wins in Michigan, Arizona; Tennessee On the Horizon

(DETROIT) -- Mitt Romney pulled off a close win in the Michigan primary on Tuesday and an easier win in Arizona, helping him pick up a big chunk of delegates.

Still, one GOP bigwig finds Romney’s narrow Michigan win “unconvincing.” This GOP strategist told ABC News, Romney won “by being totally negative. Where’s the hope and optimism? He’s becoming a human wrecking ball. A receding tide sinks all boats.”

Moreover, Romney doesn’t have an easy road ahead of him in the coming week.

First stop, the Washington state caucus on Saturday. Romney hasn’t had a very good track record when it comes to caucuses — he’s won two and lost three. His main competitor Rick Santorum has won nothing but caucuses, and recent polling suggests Santorum is leading in the Evergreen State.

Then on March 6, it's Super Tuesday. The most recent polling shows Romney trailing in Ohio, Oklahoma, Georgia and Tennessee. Combined, those states hold 243 delegates.

In Michigan, 30 percent of those who voted in the primary identified themselves as very conservative. Romney lost the very conservative vote to Rick Santorum by 14 points.

On Super Tuesday, very conservative voters will become a bigger part of the electorate. In 2008, very conservative voters made up 38 percent of GOP primary electorate in Tennessee. They made up 39 percent of the vote in Oklahoma and 32 percent of the vote in Georgia.

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