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"World News Tonight With David Muir" Podcast - September 19th, 2014

Breaking His Silence: NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell broke his 10 day silence today at a press conference today, where he addressed the growing scandal.

Scare In The Air: Audio captures the frantic scene on board a Jetblue flight that was forced to land due to engine failure.

Manhunt Contines: A town in Pennsylvania continues to be on lockdown as police hunt for the dangerous cop killer.

Iphone Mania:
  Fans, coast to coast, line up outside Apple stores to get their hands on the newest iPhone.

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"World News Tonight With David Muir" Podcast - September 18th, 2014

Urgent Manhunt: An urgent manhunt is happeningright now across America for the man the FBI has now put on its list of ten most wanted.

Frantic Scene Inside Plane: A frantic scene on board a JetBlue flight as smoke filled the cabin, making passengers scramble to grab their overhead masks to breathe.

Desperate Search: Authorities are pouring over surveillance video as the search continues for a college student who vanished in Virginia.

Tracking The Truckers:
  Tracking the speed of those giant trucks on the highway. How fast are they really going?

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"World News Tonight With David Muir" Podcast - September 17th, 2014

NFL Firestorm: The Minnesota Vikings have decided to keep superstar Adrian Peterson off the field while he fights a charge of child abuse, as there is growing pressure on the commissioner once called the most powerful man in sports.

Monster Storm: The Southwest has been hit with devastating floods and rain, as downed trees blocked highways and powerful winds tossed small planes at the airport.

Homegrown Threat: An American has been snared in an FBI sting, accused of recruiting for the terror group ISIS here at home.

Real Money:
  Three things you can do when buying that new or used car. ABC's Paula Faris explains why right now may be the best time to look.

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"World News Tonight With David Muir" Podcast - September 16th, 2014

David Muir anchors from Los Angeles.

Floods and Fires: Wildfires burning in three states across the West are sending residents scrambling to safety, just as the Southwest is bracing for a monster storm that coild bring epic rain and severe floods.

War On Ebola: President Obama is sending thousands of American troops into the hot zone as the battle against the deadly virus continues.

Manhunt Underway:  New details about the gunman wanted for shooting two Pennsylvania State Troopers.

Made In America:
  A tough-as-nails flashlight company founded in California committed to creating American jobs and keeping them here.

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"World News Tonight" Podcast - September 15, 2014

Wild Weather : The Southwestern United States braces for hurricane Odile as California fights intense wildfires in extreme heat.

Running Out Of Time: Experts have little hope for reaming ISIS hostages as investigators use execution videos to track down the killers.

The NFL In Crisis: The violence of two super star football players has many fans calling for action.

Manhunt: After state troopers were ambushed, authorities vow they will not rest until they find those responsible.

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