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Cholera Death Toll in Haiti Rising

Photo Courtesy - Thony Belizaire/AFP/Getty Images(PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti) -- A total of 292 cholera-related deaths have been reported in Haiti as of Wednesday morning, according to Haiti’s Ministry of Health.

“We also suspect many deaths are not being reported,’ said Dr. Jon K. Andrus, Deputy Director of the Pan American Health Organization, during a teleconference. So far, a total of 4,147 reported cases of the epidemic have surfaced and the spread does not appear to be stabilizing, Andrus said.

As PAHO officials work to develop a projection of cases, the Ministry of Health plans to send 60 key health aides to Haiti’s most poor and rural areas. “They are working to seek out and refer the sicker people to the cholera treatment center while giving them the first dose of oral rehydration salts," says Andrus.

The Ministry of Health will also establish community health posts to treat diarrhea cases and provide information on prevention and management. Although no cases have been reported in the Dominican Republic, the PAHO has made a preemptive move to send health officials to the region as the disease is known to spread quickly. “I would advise that countries be on the alert, monitor diarrhea cases, and strengthen water and sanitation services,” Andrus says.  
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