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Airbus to Inspect Double-Decker Planes for Cracks

ICHIRO/Digital Vision(LONDON) -- There are more problems for the maker of those huge European-made double-decker passenger planes. The European Aviation Safety Agency has ordered all 67 Airbus A380s currently flying to be inspected for hairline cracks on the outer skin of the wings.

“All due caution has been taken by the safety authorities and the checks and the replacement measures are being carried out,” said aviation expert Chris Yates.

It’s not a structural problem, Yates says, but still one that needs to be addressed.

“It is not a crack on something between the wing and the fuselage,” Yates said. “What we're talking about is the skin over the wing, it has to be said. So, this is not a major issue for the safety authorities, it's not a major issue for Airbus or the carriers that operate the A380.”

While visual inspections won't take long, replacing any small attaching brackets could take some time.

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