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Anonymous Hacks Syria's Ministry of Defense Website

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images(DAMASCUS, Syria) -- Syrian protesters got an unexpected show of support on Monday from a group of activist hackers who have cracked some very high-profile computer systems in the past, including those belonging to Visa, MasterCard, the CIA, and PayPal.

The group Anonymous took over Syria's official Ministry of Defense website for a few hours early Monday morning, redesigning the homepage and posting videos of Syrian military brutality against civilians.  The hackers also left a message in both Arabic and English.

Addressing the Syrian people, the group wrote: "The world stands with you against the brutal regime of Bashar Al-Assad. Know that time and history are on your side -- tyrants use violence because they have nothing else, and the more violent they are, the more fragile they become."

The message came a day after nearly 60 Syrian pro-democracy protesters were reportedly gunned down, marking one of the worst days of violence since President Bashar Al-Assad launched his military crackdown.

Anonymous went on to tell the Syrian people: "All tyrants will fall, and thanks to your bravery Bashar Al-Assad is next."

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