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Baby Born During Flight from Ukraine to Russia

David De Lossy/Digital Vision(MOSCOW) -- A Russian woman gave birth aboard an Aeroflot flight from Simferopol, Ukraine to Moscow on Tuesday, according a statement released by the airline.

The woman was in her 30th week of pregnancy with her third child when she went into premature labor about 25 minutes after takeoff.

With the help of four flight attendants and a nurse who happened to be a passenger, the woman delivered her baby girl in mid-flight, according to Aeroflot.

The Moscow Times quoted a passenger saying the new baby was not breathing at first, but eventually let out a weak cry as someone massaged her chest.

The plane made an emergency landing in Kharkiv, Ukraine, where the mother and baby were whisked to the hospital by ambulance. Both are reported in good condition.

The airline said the last time someone gave birth on an Aeroflot flight was on Sept. 14, 2005, when a Russian woman went into labor aboard a flight from Los Angeles to Moscow.

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